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November 30, 2023

What do you need to know about high-risk, high-value loads? Let’s ask the Coyote Logistics expert

Gain insights on high-risk, high-value loads from Laura Andrews, expert from Coyote Logistics. Learn about risks, safety measures, and best practices.

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November 24, 2023

Artificial intelligence in logistics. Is there a place for AI in our industry?

Explore the role of AI in logistics. Discover how AI is transforming the industry, aiding in process complexity and route optimization. Is there room for AI in logistics? Find out here.

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November 4, 2023

Logistics on the small screen: TV series about truck drivers

Explore the thrilling world of logistics with TV series about truck drivers. From down-to-earth characters to exciting plots, these shows highlight the real-life challenges and adventures of this profession.

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Answers to essential refrigerated truckload questions

Carrier |
Frigo refridgerated truckload frequently asked questions - temperature controlled freight - coyote logistics

The refrigerated truckload market follows most of the same patterns as the wider truckload market — most of which is dry van capacity — but there are a few differences that make temperature-controlled shipping a little more complex. Whether you’re a dry van carrier looking to get into the frigo market, or a truckload shipper trying to boost your knowledge, every industry professional should have an understanding of this important mode. This guide answers core refrigerated truckload...

Get priority access to dedicated freight with Coyote

Carrier |
How to Get Priority Access to Dedicated Freight with Coyote Logistics - Benefits for Carriers - How to Qualify for Committed Freight Services

Today's transport market is very fragmented. Over 50% of European shippers are working with over 30 carriers because of increasing consumer demands. That means that in the face of a driver shortage, your fleet may be facing more competition on your preferred lanes. To combat the competition and lock in consistent revenue, consider joining Coyote's Committed Freight Services program. This program allows our network of carriers to run dedicated freight on their preferred lanes, without the...

Why CSM Bakery turned to Coyote for managed TMS solutions

Shipper |
EU Shipper case study CSM Bakery Solutions - visibility for cost savings: why CSM Bakery turned to Coyote Logistics for managed TMS solutions

Coyote has provided invaluable visibility and recommendations to create a more efficient supply chain, allowing us to reduce transport cost while maintaining levels of productivity. Thanks to our new visibility, we have implemented new ways of working through smarter, long-term optimizations.” - Úrsula Ibars, European Logistics Project Manager, CSM Bakery Quick Shipper Facts International leader in the baking industry Shipping broad range of products to more than 100 countries...

Leading Greek carrier works together with Coyote Logistics

Carrier Testimonial |
EU shipper case study MarinosTrans - one of Greece’s largest fleets explains the value of Coyote Logistics as a logistics provider

The most valuable part about working with Coyote Logistics has been the understanding of our business needs. They know where our trucks are and where they need to go – Coyote really cares about our business.” – Elias Marinos, CEO, Marinos Trans Facts About Marinos Trans Based out of Megara, Greece Third-generation family-owned business Grew from two to 120 refrigerated trucks Runs consistent loads with Coyote The Story of Marinos Trans When Elias Marinos’ father started the...

Carrier Frequently Asked Questions

Carrier |
EU Carrier frequently asked questions - coyote logistics

Q. How do you sign up to be a part of the Coyote Logistics carrier network? Sign up to become a Carrier Q. What information do I need in order to sign up as a carrier for Coyote Logistics? A. To sign up to be a carrier in our network, you will need the following information: Goods in transit insurance with a limit of at least €150,000 per vehicle shipment; Compulsory vehicle liability insurance; Public liability insurance with a limit equivalent to €5,000,000 per occurrence; and...

How to become a shipper of choice

Industry Insights Shipper |
Top do's and don'ts for becoming a Shipper of choice - coyote logistics

Shipper of Choice. This phrase has been a hot topic of discussion in the European freight market over the past few years — and for good reason. There are a variety of factors behind this movement of attempting to become a preferred shipper: the influx of technology, tight market conditions, and currently, one of the most compelling: we’ve been living in a carrier’s market. So, what does this mean exactly? It implies that hauliers have the luxury of choice due to more shipper demand than...

Dedicated Freight for Carriers

Carrier |
Dedicated freight for carriers - three key benefits of moving dedicated freight - how to get Coyote Logistics dedicated freight

Carriers in the Coyote Logistics network have access to loads from more than 1,000 shippers every day. Much of that freight moves on an as-needed basis, allowing carriers to book loads that fit their network as they come up. However, many Coyote Logistics customers have more consistent freight needs that move predictably along the same lanes. This opens up opportunities for our network carriers to move loads along the same lanes on a consistent, predetermined schedule. Three Key Benefits of...

FAQ: Shipper

Shipper |
EU Shipper frequently asked questions - coyote logistics

Q: How to start shipping with Coyote? A: Talk to our specialist about your unique shipping needs and we will find a perfect solution for you. Q: Generally, how long does it take to get an anwser? A: After submitting a contact form (during normal business hours), a Coyote Logistics sales representative will respond within an hour. Q: How do I get a designated single point-of-contact to oversee my shipments? A: If you request a quote online or call us to sign up as a shipper, the person who...