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The First Motor Vehicle Powered by Fuel Cells Was…a Van

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The revolution in electromobility is gaining momentum. More and more automotive manufacturers are introducing electric cars to their offer, and some brands are completely eliminating models with combustion engines from their portfolio. Electric drives are also gaining popularity among commercial vehicles such as vans, and, although to a lesser extent, trucks and semi-tractor units - with an increasing tendency from year to year. The situation of vehicles powered by fuel cells, or in simple...

Trucks of the Future… but from the Past

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The history of trucks and semi-tractors is filled with projects that seemed innovative or futuristic at first but ended up only as interesting side notes. Even though these vehicles didn't make a lasting impact, they showcase the creativity and forward-thinking of their inventors. Here, we highlight five trucks that were considered cutting-edge when they first appeared. Dodge Airflow Tanker In the 1930s, the directions in which the future of the automotive industry was to go were set...

ETS and Others. The History of Truck Simulation Games

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Coyote - Euro Truck Simulator -Coyote Logistics

Simulations are a unique genre of computer and video games. It has been around almost as long as the entire electronic entertainment industry. At first, simulators allowed you to sit at the controls of airplanes or racing cars, and in the following decades, developers came to the conclusion that almost any type of human professional activity could be turned into a video game. Also driving a 40-ton semi-truck. Today, fans of computer sim games can play as digital versions of car mechanics,...

A little Bit of Knowledge About Tachographs

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Coyote - Tachograph -Coyote Logistics

Tachograph - a device that probably holds no secrets for truck drivers and other professionals in the transport industry. However, not every person operating in the logistics industry needs to know exactly how a tachograph works, which has been a mandatory equipment of trucks operating on European routes for several decades. Let us briefly describe what a tachograph actually is and what it is used for. What is a tachograph? Tachographs are mechanical, analog or digital devices that are...

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics. Is There a Place for AI in Our Industry?

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Coyote - AI in logistics -Coyote Logistics

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a walk, not even a run, but a real sprint. AI solutions are rapidly entering new industries, significantly transforming the way various companies operate on a daily basis. Modern logistics is an industry characterized by significant complexity of processes. How can AI change the landscape of our industry in the coming years? Is there any room for support from AI technology in logistics? In this article we will try to answer these...

Transport Management System from the Perspective of Coyote Logistics Experts

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Coyote - TMS interview with Coyote experts -Coyote Logistics

In one of our previous articles, we introduced you to what a TMS, i.e. a transport management system, is and explained what tasks it can be used for by companies from the logistics sector. But what does it look like in practice? We invited four Coyote Logistics experts who use TMS on a daily basis to share their comments and reflections on working with the transport management system. Here's what they told us. The following people participated in the roundtable discussion: Anna Rauch, EU...

Electricity or Hydrogen? What Will Be the Future of Road Transport?

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Coyote - The future of road transport - Coyote Logistics

The year is 2029. Auto Trucks - big semi-tractors with even bigger semi-trailers - are speeding along the highways in the rural USA. What's so special about them? Tractors do not have driver’s cabins. Why? Because they are autonomous vehicles that do not need drivers at all. This is how the future of road transport was imagined in 2017 by the creators of the sci-fi flick entitled "Logan". Will driverless trucks really be on the roads in just a few years? It's really hard to say, although...

CoyoteGO Shipper #3: Visibility on Your Financials

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coyotego for shipper chapter 3 visibility on your financials - coyote logistics

CoyoteGO® makes reviewing charges and download invoices for your shipments fast and easy. If you want to check the payment status of your account, the pending payment or get the invoice download directly you need to click on Financials / Accounting and you will be able to find all the necessary details. You will have a general overview with the Status, Payment due, load references, payment and more. If you have specific request, you can use the filters to find exactly what you...

CoyoteGO Shipper #2: Navigating your dashboard

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coyotego shipper - chapter 2 navigating your dashboard - coyote logistics

Your Dashboard is the “homepage” of your CoyoteGO® experience. The features displayed on your dashboard help to optimize your experience, giving you faster access to the tools you use the most. Here are the features available on your European  Dashboard widgets: Saved Searches My Team Each tool is designed to increase your efficiency and improve your user experience. Let’s quickly look at the functionality of each feature. Saved Searches Use this Dashboard tool to quickly...

CoyoteGO Shipper #1: Signing Up for Digital Freight

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coyotego shipper - chapter 1 signing up for digital freight - coyote logistics

Welcome to CoyoteGo®! Welcome to CoyoteGO®, your free digital freight platform where you can manage the full lifecycle of your European shipments — from quoting through settlement — online, at your convenience. With CoyoteGO®, you can: Build your shipments online Access capacity from our massive network of over 7,500 carriers Track your shipments Manage paperwork Join thousands of daily users and get connected to the capacity you need faster. Below is everything you...