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This category features posts on the latest trends and developments in the logistics industry, as well as insights from our team of experts on key topics and challenges facing shippers and carriers today.


What do you need to know about high-risk, high-value loads? Let’s ask the Coyote Logistics expert

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Coyote - High-risk, high-value loads - interview -Coyote Logistics

Once again, we are giving our digital platform to Coyote Logistics experts so that they can share their knowledge and professional experience in various areas of the logistics industry. We will focus on the topic of high-risk and high-value cargo. Today we're talking to Laura Andrews, EU Senior Specialist, Claims at Coyote. Hello Laura! Thank you for your time. Hi! Thanks for having me. Let's start with the basics. What do we define as high-risk, high-value load? In short, we can...

Logistics on the small screen: TV series about truck drivers

Carrier Industry Insights |
Coyote - Logistics on the mall screen - Coyote Logistics

A semi-truck driver is a popular type of a cinematic hero, especially for American filmmakers. Everyone probably knows such productions as "Smokey and the Bandit", "Convoy", "Black Dog" or "Over the Top". TV stations around the world have also noticed the story potential behind this profession. Here are some series about truck drivers that are worth your attention. Unlike the film portraits, the series' drivers are more down-to-earth characters, and the plots of episodes - at least in...

Transport Management System from the perspective of Coyote Logistics experts

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Coyote - TMS interview with Coyote experts -Coyote Logistics

In one of our previous articles, we introduced you to what a TMS, i.e. a transport management system, is and explained what tasks it can be used for by companies from the logistics sector. But what does it look like in practice? We invited four Coyote Logistics experts who use TMS on a daily basis to share their comments and reflections on working with the transport management system. Here's what they told us. The following people participated in the roundtable discussion: Anna Rauch, EU...

HVO100. Is this the future for diesel engines in road transport?

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Coyote - HVO100 -Coyote Logistics

In the 1989 film "Back to the Future part II" we see a fantastic vision of 2015, where cars not only fly, but are also powered by engines powered by garbage. It's 2023 and cars still haven't taken off in the air, as in the cinematic vision from years ago, but fuel from waste has become - in a sense, admittedly - a fact. Modern automotive industry is rapidly moving towards zero emissions. Electric cars are already an everyday sight on European roads, and models powered by hydrogen cells are...

A brief history of cross-Channel transport

Carrier Industry Insights Shipper |
Coyote - History of cross-channel transport -Coyote Logistics

Urban legend says that in the 1950s, when the English Channel was covered in thick fog, the headline of a French newspaper read: "England cut off." At the same time, the title "Continent cut off" allegedly appeared in the British press. Regardless of whether the anecdote is true or not, it perfectly reflects not only the spirits of both nations, but also the key importance of the English Channel in communication between the British Isles and the rest of Europe. Centuries of social and...

Electricity or hydrogen? What will be the future of road transport?

Carrier Industry Insights Shipper Technology |
Coyote - The future of road transport - Coyote Logistics

The year is 2029. Auto Trucks - big semi-tractors with even bigger semi-trailers - are speeding along the highways in the rural USA. What's so special about them? Tractors do not have driver’s cabins. Why? Because they are autonomous vehicles that do not need drivers at all. This is how the future of road transport was imagined in 2017 by the creators of the sci-fi flick entitled "Logan". Will driverless trucks really be on the roads in just a few years? It's really hard to say, although...

The Blue Banana, or what is a European banana?

Industry Insights |
Coyote - Insights - Blue Banana - Coyote Logistics

Have you ever heard of Blue Banana? Sounds a bit enigmatic, right? Is it the prop used in the performances of the legendary artists of the Blue Man Group? Or maybe we are talking about an existing blue fruit? None of these things. The blue banana, also known as the European banana, has nothing to do with performing arts and fruits. But a lot with industry and transport in Europe. Intrigued? Let us explain. Blue banana: where does this term come from? The world first heard about the Blue...

From the annals of road transport: the birth and development of the semi-trailer

Industry Insights |
Coyote - History of the semi-trailer - Coyote Logistics

Next year we will celebrate its 100th birthday. But it may be older, it depends on which of the two most frequently given dates of its birth we consider valid. It is hard to imagine what road transport would have looked like if it hadn't been invented. Since its inception, it has undergone a huge evolution and today we see it on the roads in many varieties. We are talking about the semi-trailer, of course. Here is its story. The invention of the semi-trailer: two fathers, two dates of birth...

4 tips on how to master tender season

Industry Insights Shipper |
Coyote - 4 tips on how to master tender season - Coyote Logistics

When the summer is about to end and the days are getting shorter, tender season is starting - one of the most challenging times of the year. Here, shipping companies send out requests for prices to carriers in order to organize their supply chains for the next months. Due to political and economic uncertainties in recent years it has become more important to successfully master tender season. Here is how. Whenever logistics companies and shippers think of autumn, one thing automatically...

How to choose a logistics provider for your eCommerce business? Tips and tricks from a logistics expert

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Coyote - How to choose logistics provider for eCommerce - Coyote Logistics

Time is of essence in the eCommerce industry. Customers expect that the products they order will reach them as soon as possible. Today, same-day delivery is becoming a standard service, especially in large urban areas. Many eCommerce companies face the challenge of finding logistics partners that provide the best service and on-time deliveries. What do you need to know before choosing a logistics partner for your eCommerce business? Nowadays, it is difficult to list goods that cannot be...