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Logistics Expertise: Healthcare Logistics

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Time is the foundation of modern logistics. On-time deliveries determine the rhythm of the globalized economy's functioning. Any delay can pose a serious risk of downtime in the entire production and distribution process of goods. However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that there is one industry where a smoothly operating supply chain is particularly crucial: the healthcare industry. People's health and even lives often depend on whether the shipments arrive on time and are...

They manufacture trucks? Automotive brands you wouldn’t expect making trucks

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The global automotive industry is a much more complex and diverse ecosystem than it may seem at first glance, especially from a Eurocentric perspective. Volvo, Scania, DAF, Mercedes-Benz, MAN - we will probably think of these manufacturers when someone asks about truck manufacturers present on the European market. Meanwhile, there are other brands in the world (also of European origin) that also offer trucks and tractor units. Bah! They are even sales leaders in this segment. But not in Europe....

Technology to Help Humans, Not Technology to Replace Humans: Logistics 5.0

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In our previous blog post, we introduced the concept of Logistics 4.0 and how it shapes the execution and management of modern supply chain processes. The next phase in our industry’s evolution is Logistics 5.0. While some believe we haven’t reached this stage yet, others argue that Logistics 5.0 has already arrived. Regardless of who's right, one thing is clear: the fifth era of logistics development is inevitable, and at its core will be humans and their knowledge. Just as Logistics 4.0...

Logistics 4.0: Buzzword or True Revolution in the Logistics Industry?

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According to the standard practice of blogging, we should wait to answer the question posed in the title until the last paragraph, but today we will do it differently and reveal the answer right now. Yes, Logistics 4.0 is a revolution in our industry. However, it’s worth reading this post to the end, as we will explain why, what the idea of Logistics 4.0 entails, and why it is a breakthrough in the world of cargo management and delivery. What is Logistics 4.0? The concept of Logistics 4.0...

Everything You Need to Know about Logistics Centers

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A large building with a steel structure and metal shelves filled with goods — this image likely comes to mind when someone mentions a "warehouse." And rightfully so, because essentially, that’s what a warehouse is. But what do we envision when we hear the term "logistics center"? Probably a similar picture, right? However, there are significant differences between a warehouse and a logistics center, though both are large buildings with metal shelves for storing goods. In today’s article, we...

The First Motor Vehicle Powered by Fuel Cells Was…a Van

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The revolution in electromobility is gaining momentum. More and more automotive manufacturers are introducing electric cars to their offer, and some brands are completely eliminating models with combustion engines from their portfolio. Electric drives are also gaining popularity among commercial vehicles such as vans, and, although to a lesser extent, trucks and semi-tractor units - with an increasing tendency from year to year. The situation of vehicles powered by fuel cells, or in simple...

Artificial Intelligence in E-commerce: Changing the Online Trading Landscape

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The artificial intelligence revolution is becoming a reality. AI is rapidly entering new areas of business activities, transforming them significantly, and the e-commerce sector is no exception. In fact, it might be one of the areas that will benefit the most from AI. Artificial intelligence is currently one of the hottest topics worldwide. The development of AI is progressing at an astonishing rate, as seen when comparing the quality of content generated by AI tools a year ago to what is...

Hybrid Shipping. Essential Insights

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The process of shipping goods between the United Kingdom and the European Union has grown more complex since the UK left the EU. Brexit reintroduced border controls and customs checks, which can significantly slow down the whole journey of cargo from the sender to its final destination if they become protracted. This can be especially challenging for multi-piece (parcel) shipments. To tackle these potential delays, Coyote Logistics has introduced a new hybrid transport service as part of the...

Trucks of the Future… but from the Past

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The history of trucks and semi-tractors is filled with projects that seemed innovative or futuristic at first but ended up only as interesting side notes. Even though these vehicles didn't make a lasting impact, they showcase the creativity and forward-thinking of their inventors. Here, we highlight five trucks that were considered cutting-edge when they first appeared. Dodge Airflow Tanker In the 1930s, the directions in which the future of the automotive industry was to go were set...

Five Signs You Need to Change Your Logistics Partner

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Coyote - Five Signs You Need to Change Your Logistics Partner - Coyote Logistics

Change is one of the few constants in life. This is also true for running a business. Being successful as an entrepreneur means being ready for continuous development. Those who do not move forward are not just standing still;they are beginning to fall behind. But being ready for change also means that sometimes you have to decide to stop cooperating with your current partners if the level of services they provide is disproportionate to the pace of your company's development and can even delay...