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Coyote Logistics operates in both North America and Europe.

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Retail logistics.

Carrier Capacity to Help Your Business Grow Sustainably.

Fast, Flexible Capacity Solutions for Your Retail Freight.

It’s never been harder to manage a retail supply chain. The line between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce is blurring. Everyday, consumer expectations rise higher, while delivery times get shorter.

To execute a modern retail supply chain, you need agile capacity and readily-available assets — not only for the last mile, but for every mile along the way.

From growing e-commerce startups, to established shippers expanding their networks, over 1,000 retailers trust Coyote to help them ship faster and more efficiently.

Looking for a reliable logistics service provider for retail business? That’s us!

Multi-Modal Solutions

Whether you need express van freight, full truckload spot capacity, contracted commitments or power only surge support, Coyote combines a large 3PL network with the backing of UPS services, our parent company.

Real-Time Visibility

Following your shipments has never been easier with the CoyoteGO® digital freight platform. Get real-time information on all your recent and current shipments- anytime, anywhere.

Rely on Expertise

Get responsive service from knowledgeable specialists. We ship thousands of loads every month for some of Europe’s most demanding retailers.

Delivered On-Time, in Full

You need a provider that understands the importance of your customer’s Must-Arrive-by-Date. Every day, Coyote delivers hundreds of on-time loads to retailers big and small.

What make us different?


Pricing You Can Rely On

We combine proprietary algorithms with market knowledge to get you accurate, cost-effective rates, whether it’s an express van shipment tomorrow, or a truckload lane in an annual bid.

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Express Van Solutions

Coyote can help you quickly source courier services for your time-sensitive cargo, including carriers who meet additional compliance standards for specialized services like temperature-controlled and hazardous goods.

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Reliable Support

When moving retail freight, you need the support of a dedicated team that you can count on. Coyote’s specialists are readily available to provide responsive quotes and custom solutions for your needs.

Quickly Scale Up Or Down With Diverse Shipping Solutions.

Coyote can help you navigate shipping volatility, both within your own network and in the wider market.

  • full Truckload Capacity
  • Express Van Capacity
  • Spot Truckload Capacity
  • Cross-Channel Shipping
  • Temperature Controlled

Trust our expertise.

What do our shippers say about us?

Coyote allows us to go back to the way we were trading before Brexit.

Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates

More insights from our satisfied customers.

Shipper testimonial - Nutkao - Coyote Logistics


“Coyote has really helped us in sourcing capacity (…). When we ask for a quote or request a transport, they always quickly confirm. This is very crucial to us because we need a fast answer since our customers very often have an urgent request.”

Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator,

Shipper testimonial BikeFlights - Coyote Logistics


“I would recommend working with Coyote. They have the same commitment that we do. They’ve shown that they can deliver. (…) At the end of the line our customer experience is really what we’re able to maintain by working with a partner like Coyote.”

William Alcorn, President,

Shipper testimonial - Molino Nicoli - Coyote Logistics

Molino Nicoli

“Coyote is really cost-competitive and always deliver quickly. They deliver within three days, which helps when we are low on stock in the warehouse (…). We are confident that Coyote Logistics will be able to help us meet our goals (…). Coyote always has a solution!”

Laura Cortesi, Export Officer,
Molino Nicoli

More opinions from our satisfied customers

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