Trusted transport solutions for heavy loads.

Handling heavy goods deserves excellent performance. With a strong partner network and a multimodal transport portfolio, Coyote is your trusted logistics partner.

We cover High Risk –High Value loads.

Safety requirements and sensitive handling of high risk –high value loads for the metal and steel industry call for a comprehensive service. At Coyote Logistics, a high degree of safety and quality are our first priority. With our flexible logistics solutions, we provide reliable transport handling and dedicated customer service.

What makes us different?

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We provide you with transport services in the form of full truckloads (both spot and primary capabilities) and express van solutions.

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Thorough vetting of carriers

We thoroughly check the carriers who cooperate with us in the transport of high-value freight for the metallurgical industry. We make every effort to ensure that only trusted and proven transport companies that meet the highest industry standards join our network.

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Long loading times

If the loading of your freight requires extended time, the carriers cooperating with us provide such a form of service.

See our steadfast commitment to providing the highest quality logistics services.


Trust our expertise.

What do our shippers say about us?

Coyote allows us to go back to the way we were trading before Brexit.

Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates

More insights from our satisfied customers.

Shipper testimonial - Nutkao - Coyote Logistics


“Coyote has really helped us in sourcing capacity (…). When we ask for a quote or request a transport, they always quickly confirm. This is very crucial to us because we need a fast answer since our customers very often have an urgent request.”
Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator,

Shipper testimonial BikeFlights - Coyote Logistics


“I would recommend working with Coyote. They have the same commitment that we do. They’ve shown that they can deliver. (…) At the end of the line our customer experience is really what we’re able to maintain by working with a partner like Coyote.”
William Alcorn, President,

Shipper testimonial - Molino Nicoli - Coyote Logistics

Molino Nicoli

“Coyote is really cost-competitive and always deliver quickly. They deliver within three days, which helps when we are low on stock in the warehouse (…). We are confident that Coyote Logistics will be able to help us meet our goals (…). Coyote always has a solution!”
Laura Cortesi, Export Officer,
Molino Nicoli

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