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Introducing the After-Hours Team.

Logistics never stops. Unforeseen delays and other complications can happen at any time. Since you work late to keep goods moving, so do we.

To further improve our service and make sure your freight runs smoothly, no matter the hour, we created the After-Hours Team. The team is available until midnight on weekdays for questions concerning the tracking status of loads, pickup and delivery details or any problems you encounter with your shipment.

Always ready to help. Even after hours.

Regardless of how well you plan, what provider you choose and what mode you use, moving freight does not always run smoothly. For this reason, 74% of shippers and 56% of carriers say that quickly and effectively ‘resolving issues’ is very important to them when selecting a provider to work with.

That’s why we will be there to help you navigate your late-night challenges — whether that be answering questions about a missing pick up number, reporting a broken-down truck or anything in between.

Contact the After-Hours Team.

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Connect by Email

After 17:00, if your dedicated Coyote rep isn’t available, reach out to the After-Hours Team to resolve issues at [email protected].

Coyote - carrier services - After-Hours Team - Contact by phone - Coyote Logistics

Connect by Phone

You can also reach our dedicated After-Hours Team by phone at +48 71 778 83 67.

Trust our expertise.

What our carriers say about us?

With Coyote, we have doubled the size of our fleet.

John Murray, Director, Joe Murray Transport

More insights from our carriers.



“Finding a business partner who is equal in size helps us scale in the way that we need to. (…). We have a strong relationship with Coyote. Both parties are equal and we are transparent about our goals, which creates a powerful relationship.”

Ugne Katelyniene, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer,



“One of the key benefits of working with Coyote Logistics is gaining access to a bigger network of customers. Since we’re not a very large company, we lean on Coyote to help us fill in network gaps, which allows us to service bigger companies and grow our business.”

Lucyna Szkobel, Freight Forwarding Director,


Marinos Trans

“So far we are very happy with our relationship. Not only has Coyote been able to provide us with solutions and freight that we couldn’t have found on our own, but you always pay on time. It is a big relief not having to worry about delayed payments.”

Monika Deligianni, Intra Europe Manager,
Marinos Trans

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