Driving sustainability with smart solutions

We’re committed to helping you improve your sustainability performance while reducing our own footprint.

Together, we’ll drive a more sustainable global supply chain.

Coyote’s mission is to move business forward with expertise, integrity and responsibility. That’s why we’re committed to creating smart supply chain solutions, helping our customers and partners to reach their sustainability goals. We’re committed to moving towards a greener future.

How we support you to grow sustainably.

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For Shippers

Improving your sustainability performance starts with aligning to your goals. Coyote can help you customize solutions that include modal conversion, dynamic routing to reduce moves, asset utilization improvements, fuel alternative carriers and network reporting, helping you to cut CO2 emissions.

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For Carriers

Whether you’re a carrier who is already leveraging fuel alternatives, like biodiesel, or looking to run dedicated routes for sustainability-minded shippers, we’re here to help. We can connect you with the right freight opportunities to keep your fleet green.

Become a sustainable carrier

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For Coyotes

Every Coyote employee has a part to play in driving a more sustainable industry. From in-office recycling programs and digital efficiency efforts, to volunteer opportunities, it’s what we do together that sets us apart.

Our values

Our sustainability pillars.

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Network Solutions

Optimize your network to achieve your sustainability goals. From LTL modal conversion opportunities, to asset utilization improvements, to fuel alternative dedicated carriers, Coyote’s Custom Solutions team can help you build a more sustainable network.

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Industry Insights

Progress starts with reliable data and insights. From network reports by our Managed Supply Chain team to original third-party research, Coyote is committed to providing smart insights to inform tomorrow’s sustainable supply chain leaders.

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Global Partnerships

A more sustainable global supply chain cannot be achieved alone. That’s why Coyote Logistics is working with organizations like UPS and Consumer Brands Association to drive a more sustainable global industry in the years to come.

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Environmental Responsibility

Coyote takes pride in our choices to participate in responsible recycling programs, leverage technology to reduce paper waste, work with sustainability-minded global shippers and participate in local volunteer programs.

Our areas of focus.

We’ve worked closely with our network shippers and carriers to develop sustainable solutions that can be leveraged across our global network. With the help of our experts, UPS assets and our diverse carrier network, more sustainable supply chain options are possible.

  • Asset Utilization for Private Fleets: Find Out How to Eliminate Empty Miles
  • Network Optimization for Efficiency: Start Reducing Supply Chain Waste
  • Moving Freight with Van Freight: See if Van Freight is a Viable Alternative
  • Going Digital to Reduce Paperwork: Use to connect
  • A Proud UPS Company: Learn How UPS Approaches Sustainability
  • Collaborating with Advocates: See How Consumer Brands Leads CPG Efforts

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Our Environmental Policy and ISO14001: 2015 certification

Coyote Logistics - Environmental policy - ISO14001:2015

The policy of Coyote Logistics to maintain an environmental system designed to meet the requirements of ISO14001:2015 (or any other standard in line with Annex SL Structure) in pursuit of its primary objectives, the purpose and the context of the organisation.

View our Environmental Policy

View our ISO14001:2015 certification

Trust our expertise

What do our shippers say about us?

Coyote allows us to go back to the way we were trading before Brexit.

Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates

More insights from our satisfied customers.

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“Coyote has really helped us in sourcing capacity (…). When we ask for a quote or request a transport, they always quickly confirm. This is very crucial to us because we need a fast answer since our customers very often have an urgent request.”
Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator,

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“I would recommend working with Coyote. They have the same commitment that we do. They’ve shown that they can deliver. (…) At the end of the line our customer experience is really what we’re able to maintain by working with a partner like Coyote.”
William Alcorn, President,

Shipper testimonial - Molino Nicoli - Coyote Logistics

Molino Nicoli

“Coyote is really cost-competitive and always deliver quickly. They deliver within three days, which helps when we are low on stock in the warehouse (…). We are confident that Coyote Logistics will be able to help us meet our goals (…). Coyote always has a solution!”
Laura Cortesi, Export Officer,
Molino Nicoli

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