Brexit FAQ: How Coyote is Prepared to Support Carriers

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On January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom (UK) will conclude its Brexit transition period and officially leave the European Union (EU).

While this comes as no surprise, this understandably raises questions for carriers who want to know how Brexit will impact protocols and procedures for their routes in and out of the UK.

At Coyote Logistics, we are committed to simplifying this transition for our network of carriers. To demonstrate that commitment, we have established a dedicated Brexit taskforce and are offering additional services to help you navigate new procedures with ease.

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions about how Brexit will impact carriers in Europe and the UK:

What will change for carriers in the EU and the UK on January 1, 2021?

When Brexit becomes official at the beginning of 2021, these three fundamental changes will go into effect:

  1. Drivers will be required to carry hard copies of their load’s customs paperwork while transporting goods.
  2. Carriers must give advance confirmation to authorities, ports and ferry companies that their drivers have hard copies of their customs documents on board each truck.
  3. Carriers will be responsible for making ENS Safety and Security Declarations (Entry Summary Declarations).

When will drivers receive hard copies of their customs documents?

We will arrange for your driver to be handed hard copies of necessary documents at the collection site.

We request that all drivers wait at the collection site until they receive all necessary customs documentation, even if waiting for these documents necessitates a delay.

Please contact us immediately if one of your drivers experiences a delay while waiting to receive these documents.

How will these new procedures impact the booking process for carriers?

The post-Brexit booking process will be very similar to the process currently in place, with a couple of key exceptions:

  1. We will need tractor and trailer plates at least one day prior to loading so we can prepare the appropriate customs forms. Plates cannot be altered once submitted, due to auto plate recognition at Dover, Calais, and Eurotunnel terminals.
  2. We will need advance confirmation that you will be using the Dover-Calais/Calais-Dover ferry crossing or Eurotunnel service. If you plan to use an alternative crossing, we will need the name of that intended crossing in advance.

How do carriers provide the required confirmation that their customs documents are on board each truck?

Since ports and ferry companies require confirmation that your customs documents are on board your truck, you will need to complete the following steps:

Obtain a Kent Access Permit

Every truck leaving the UK via either the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel is required to obtain the Kent Permit.

Previously known as “Smart Freight,” the Kent Access Permit confirms to the Kent police that your truck has the correct documentation in place and is “border ready”.

The application page for the Kent Access Permit is here, visit the demo page.

When you apply, here are the details you will need to verify:

  • Date of exit from UK (note that this could be later than date of collection)
  • Confirmation that the driver has the Movement Reference Number (MRN) from import or transit declaration forms
  • Confirmation that the driver has additional certificates for certain goods (fish, animal products, live plants, alcohol)
  • Front plate number of the truck

Once you complete your application, you will receive a unique code which should be emailed to your driver’s phone. Your driver will need this code if there are traffic restrictions in Dover or the surrounding area.

While the Kent Access Permit is only valid for 24 hours, you can specify on your application what time you would like the permit to go into effect.

How Coyote Logistics can help: If you would like our team to apply for the permit on your behalf, please let your account manager know and we will happily assist you.

Pre-advise Ferry or Eurotunnel of Customs Documents

While it is standard procedure for port and tunnel customs officials to scan the hard copies of your customs documents on site, there is a way to speed up the process for your driver.

Your driver will get through the terminal more quickly if you add the required customs documents and plate numbers to your booking in advance. Coyote Logistics will email you a digital copy of your customs documentation to enable you to do so.

How Coyote Logistics can help: If you would like additional support, we can book your ferry and upload customs documents on your behalf.

Utilize the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system

The Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) is a new port management system for imports and exports to the EU. This system will not be introduced fully until July 2021.

We will update you with additional details when they become available.

Are carriers responsible for Safety &Security Declarations?

Currently, carriers are responsible for Safety &Security Declarations on Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries and the Eurotunnel. Carriers must make their Safety &Security Declarations at least one hour prior to arriving in the EU from UK.

The UK has already suspended this requirement for EU-UK journeys until July 2021. However, the requirement stands for imports into the EU.

How Coyote can help: If you cannot access a system to make these declarations, our team can make a declaration on your behalf. Please provide us advance notice if you need this service.

Is there anything else I should know?

All EU trucks were previously required to obtain a European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) Permit for travel to the UK.

This requirement has been suspended and we reiterate that no additional permit is now needed.

Dedicated Brexit Team and Additional Support

Our dedicated Brexit team is collecting new information daily and will continue to provide updates to our network of European carriers.

If you have additional questions, require additional support, or want to find out how Coyote Logistics capabilities can help you better navigate Brexit, please reach out to us at