This category features feedback from some of our satisfied clients who have worked with us at Coyote Logistics.


How Coyote Logistics Helped Digital1 Organize Efficient E-commerce Deliveries

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Coyote - Digital1 testimonial

The service from Coyote for arranging a new shipment is great, the responses are fast, all options are clearly presented and they are very competitively priced.- Martina Gregoriou, Head of E-commerce, Digital1 Quick Shipper Facts A technology company based in Manchester, operator of online stores Coyote Services Used UK domestic and intra EU groupage transport option Challenge Digital1 was looking for cost-effective road freight transport options between fulfillment centers in...

How Coyote Drives Your business Forward

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Coyote - Three testimonials combined -Coyote Logistics

Download the .pdf file and find out how we have helped to grow the business of carriers and shippers from across Europe. Is your company facing logistical challenges? Find out how our experts can support you in tackling them with success. Download .pdf file! Contact us!...

How Joe Murray Transport Doubled the Size of its Fleet

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Coyote - Carrier -Testimonial - Joe Murray Transport - Coyote Logistics

Since working with Coyote Logistics, our turnover has more than doubled. Coyote allows us to specialize in what we do – John Murray, Director, Joe Murray Transport Quick Carrier Facts Transport company based in Ireland Family business with thirty years of history Moved from 8 to 18 trucks since collaborating with Coyote Logistics Coyote Services Used Digital freight platform CoyoteGO® Cross-channel logistics service Challenge Joe Murray Transport didn’t seem to have...

Why Stateside Skates Can Operate as if Brexit Never Happened

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Coyote - Shipper Testimonial - Stateside Skates - Coyote Logistics

Coyote Logistics allows businesses to basically go back to the way they were trading before Brexit – Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates Quick Shipper Facts International distributor of extreme sports products Exporting 65 percent of its business to customers within the EU pre-Brexit Cross-channel shipping challenges necessitated the search for a new logistics expertise Coyote Services Used Full truckload capacity/Express Van capacity Dedicated support international...

Moving Racetrack Bikes with Success: Coyote and BikeFlights

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EU Shipper Case Study BikeFlights - Coyote Logistics

“I would recommend working with Coyote. The collaboration has delivered very positive things. We’ve been able to deliver a 100%.’’ – William Alcorn, President at BikeFlights Quick Shipper Facts International bicycle shipping service and a supplier of easy-to-pack bike shipping boxes Low costs, excellent service, on-time delivery Helped over one million cyclists ship their bikes, wheels and gear around the world Taking care of fellow cyclists, giving back to the sport Coyote...

How Coyote Helped Edgard &Cooper Scale Their Business

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how edgard and cooper scaled their business and kept pets all over europe happy + healthy (with the help of coyote logistics)

Quick Shipper Facts Producer of healthy dog and cat food Made up of 120 humans and 60 pets Heavily focused on sustainability (kibble packaging is 100% biodegradable) Donates 1% of their sales to charity Coyote Services Used Full truckload capacity Less-than-truckload capacity Dedicated support Challenge International pet food producer, Edgard &Cooper, grew rapidly and their supply chain could not keep up with the demands of their business. They needed a...

How Coyote helped Nutkao Sustain Rapid Growth

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how nutkao sustained rapid growth with flexible shipping solutions from coyote logistics

We have a truly collaborative relationship with Coyote Logistics. They are a trusted partner that we really count on.” - Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator, Nutkao Quick shipper facts International leader in the production of privately labelled spreads Significant player in the Italian confectionary market Shipping products to more than 85 countries Coyote services Dedicated account team Managed TMS services Reporting and analytics Modal conversion...

How Botrans Expanded Their Business in Spite of COVID-19

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driving forward how botrans expanded their business in spite of covid-19 volatility - coyote logistics

Quick Carrier Facts Provides transport services across Poland and the rest of Europe Has been in business for over 30 years Made up of 27 domestic and international dispatchers and 120 trucks Equips their fleet with GPS satellite navigation Coyote Solutions Full truckload Dedicated logistics specialist Digital freight platform Empty mile reduction Challenge When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and freight volumes fell across Europe, Botrans needed a reliable...

Molino Nicoli’s Efficient Supply Chain Thanks to Coyote Logistics

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EU Shipper case study Molino Nicoli - How One Italian Shipper Increased Their Supply Chain Efficiency with the Help of Coyote Logistics

Quick Shipper Facts International breakfast cereal, cereal bar and baby food producer Known for gluten-free, allergen free products 150-year-old family company Located in Bergamo, Italy Challenges Difficulty securing enough capacity to keep up with holiday season demand Delays between loading and delivery, resulting in warehouse inventory shortages In need of innovative supply chain solutions to account for increases in export volume Result Working with Coyote...

How Hoptrans Adapted to Pandemic Conditions with Coyote’s Support

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EU Carrier case study Hoptrans -How a European Carrier Adapted to Pandemic Conditions with Dedicated Lanes from Coyote Logistics

Quick Carrier Facts Logistics company specializing in road, air, rail, sea, and multimodal freight Located in Lithuania Operational for over 25 years Coyote Services Flexible loads Strategic projects Dedicated lanes Digital freight platform Dedicated communication liaison/specialist Challenge Sourcing consistent freight Adapting to pandemic conditions, such as closed borders, communication, and remote technology Finding reliable digital solutions for...