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Logistics encyclopaedia


We present our glossary of terms from the world of logistics. Here you will find key terminology in the area of ​​supply chain, transport of goods and everything related to it. It is a comprehensive source of information for logistics professionals, students and all individuals who want to expand their knowledge of this industry.

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Hub and Spoke

Definition Hub and Spoke is a transportation system that connects smaller countries or regions to a central hub, typically a major city. This system is designed to facilitate the movement of goods between the hub and the surrounding regions. How it works In a Hub and Spoke system, the central hub serves as a central […]

Tender season

Explore ‘Tender Season’, a crucial period for logistics providers to bid for contracts. Understand the process, from RFP release to securing business deals.


Common carriers ensure safe, efficient transport services. Complying with EU regulations, they uphold safety & environmental standards. Explore various types.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides coverage for goods during transport, protecting against loss, damage, or theft. Ensures financial security for cargo owners.


Definition 4PL, or Fourth Party Logistics, is a supply chain management model where a company outsources its logistics,including logistics management as well as the execution of all logistics services throughout the supply chain operations to a specialized service provider. Overview The concept of 4PL was first introduced in the 1990s and has gained popularity in […]


2PL or Second Party Logistics is a service where transportation of goods is outsourced to an external carrier, allowing companies to focus on core activities.