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Technology to Help Humans, Not Technology to Replace Humans: Logistics 5.0

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Coyote - Logistics 5.0 - Coyote Logistics

In our previous blog post, we introduced the concept of Logistics 4.0 and how it shapes the execution and management of modern supply chain processes. The next phase in our industry’s evolution is Logistics 5.0. While some believe we haven’t reached this stage yet, others argue that Logistics 5.0 has already arrived. Regardless of who's right, one thing is clear: the fifth era of logistics development is inevitable, and at its core will be humans and their knowledge. Just as Logistics 4.0...

Logistics 4.0: Buzzword or True Revolution in the Logistics Industry?

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According to the standard practice of blogging, we should wait to answer the question posed in the title until the last paragraph, but today we will do it differently and reveal the answer right now. Yes, Logistics 4.0 is a revolution in our industry. However, it’s worth reading this post to the end, as we will explain why, what the idea of Logistics 4.0 entails, and why it is a breakthrough in the world of cargo management and delivery. What is Logistics 4.0? The concept of Logistics 4.0...

Everything You Need to Know about Logistics Centers

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Coyote - Everything You Need to Know about Logistics Centers - Coyote Logistics

A large building with a steel structure and metal shelves filled with goods — this image likely comes to mind when someone mentions a "warehouse." And rightfully so, because essentially, that’s what a warehouse is. But what do we envision when we hear the term "logistics center"? Probably a similar picture, right? However, there are significant differences between a warehouse and a logistics center, though both are large buildings with metal shelves for storing goods. In today’s article, we...

Trucks of the Future… but from the Past

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The history of trucks and semi-tractors is filled with projects that seemed innovative or futuristic at first but ended up only as interesting side notes. Even though these vehicles didn't make a lasting impact, they showcase the creativity and forward-thinking of their inventors. Here, we highlight five trucks that were considered cutting-edge when they first appeared. Dodge Airflow Tanker In the 1930s, the directions in which the future of the automotive industry was to go were set...

A Van-tastic Story (Or Briefly About the Birth and Development of Commercial Vans)

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Vans play a crucial role in our daily lives, delivering packages, furniture, and groceries to stores, transporting children to school, and even serving as mobile vendors for ice cream or kebabs. They're vital for emergency services, carrying the sick to hospitals and enabling police patrols. Tradespeople like plumbers, electricians, and carpenters rely on them to reach clients. And for those born in the 1960s, it's quite amusing to think how many might have been conceived in vans, likely...

How Might the CSRD Affect the Road Transport Industry?

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Coyote Logistics - How might the CSRD affect the road transport industry - Coyote

Road transport and environmental protection - two areas of human activity that seem to be in complete opposition to each other. We cannot give up the supply of goods, and at the same time, the ongoing climate crisis requires taking a number of actions that will make road logistics more sustainable. On the one hand, we have an increasingly rapid development of alternative drives, and on the other hand, we have legislative initiatives at the level of states and international organizations aimed...

There Will Be No Austainability in Logistics Without the Commitment from the Drivers of Green Change

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UPS SCS and Coyote - Sustainability interview - Radhika Ralhan - Christof Thesinga - Coyote Logistics

Sustainability is no longer merely a buzzword;it's a shared responsibility. Addressing the impacts of the climate crisis falls on everyone, from governmental bodies and NGOs to global businesses. The logistics industry, unfortunately, remains one of the most emission-intensive sectors in the global economy. However, change is imperative, and it's already happening. Radhika Ralhan, Sustainability Manager at UPS SCS, and Christof Thesinga, EU VP Marketing at Coyote Logistics, discuss these...

Measuring the Carbon Footprint in a Logistics Company: a Snapshot of Basic Information

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Coyote - Measuring carbon footprint in logistics - Coyote Logistics

Logistics and transport are the lifeblood of the modern economy. We have clearly seen over the last few years how crucial the efficient functioning of the supply chain is. We experienced supply disruptions caused by global shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's unprovoked attack on Ukraine when the most necessary goods were temporarily missing from store shelves. One of the most important global challenges that we have been struggling with as humanity for a long time, and which the...

What Do You Need to Know About High-Risk, High-Value Loads? Let’s Ask the Coyote Logistics Expert

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Risikoreiche und hochwertige Ladungen in einem Truck

Once again, we are giving our digital platform to Coyote Logistics experts so that they can share their knowledge and professional experience in various areas of the logistics industry. We will focus on the topic of high-risk and high-value cargo. Today we're talking to Laura Andrews, EU Senior Specialist, Claims at Coyote. Hello Laura! Thank you for your time. Hi! Thanks for having me. Let's start with the basics. What do we define as high-risk, high-value load? In short, we can...

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics. Is There a Place for AI in Our Industry?

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The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a walk, not even a run, but a real sprint. AI solutions are rapidly entering new industries, significantly transforming the way various companies operate on a daily basis. Modern logistics is an industry characterized by significant complexity of processes. How can AI change the landscape of our industry in the coming years? Is there any room for support from AI technology in logistics? In this article we will try to answer these...