Express Van Freight.

Flexible solutions for your time-sensitive cargo.

Express freight transport. Tracked by dedicated support.

When your primary concern is quick delivery, you need reliable service and responsive support to help you meet tight deadlines so you can keep your customers satisfied.

That’s why you need the flexibility and speed of express freight delivery, backed by a dedicated operations team that understands urgency and is committed to helping you deliver on your customer promises.

Coyote’s Express Van Freight offers time-definite delivery services across 20 European countries. Choose from a range of standard and tailormade freight transport solutions to secure same-day, next-day and weekend delivery on shipments that require that little extra care.

No matter what you’re moving – electronics, automotive parts, textiles, industrial goods, pharmaceuticals and more – our dedicated logistics specialists will deliver rapid solutions while managing your cargo with care.

What makes us different?

Coyote Shipper Services Express Van Freight Expedited service - Coyote Logistics

Expedited Service

When all that matters is meeting your urgent deadline, we’ll help you quickly source a reliable solution and the best equipment. Choose from a variety of express door-to-door services and gain visibility into your van freight with route tracking.

Coyote Shipper Services Express Van Freight Specialty solutions - Coyote Logistics

Specialty Solutions

Sometimes a standard van won’t cut it for sensitive or high-end goods. Coyote can help freight shipping companies to meet additional compliance standards for specialized services, including the handling and secure transport of temperature-controlled and hazardous freight.

Coyote Shipper Services Express Van Freight -Responsive Support - Coyote Logistics

Responsive Support

When time is of the essence, you need the support of a dedicated team that you can count on. Coyote’s multilingual specialists are readily available during the day or after-hours to provide freight quote and custom solutions for your last-minute needs.


  • Coyote Logistics - Next-day services
    Next-day services
  • Coyote Logistics - Time definite delivery
    Time definite delivery
  • Coyote Logistics - After-Hours support
    After-Hours support
  • Coyote Logistics - Weekend and holiday deliveries
    Weekend and holiday deliveries


  • Coyote Logistics - Full ADR
    Full ADR
  • Coyote Logistics - Refrigerated van
    Refrigerated van
  • Coyote Logistics - Tail-lift
  • Coyote Logistics - Aircraft on ground (AOG)
    Aircraft on ground (AOG)

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Trust our expertise.

What do our shippers say about us?

Coyote allows us to go back to the way we were trading before Brexit.

Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates

More insights from our satisfied customers.

Shipper testimonial - Nutkao - Coyote Logistics


“Coyote has really helped us in sourcing capacity (…). When we ask for a quote or request a transport, they always quickly confirm. This is very crucial to us because we need a fast answer since our customers very often have an urgent request.”
Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator,

Shipper testimonial BikeFlights - Coyote Logistics


“I would recommend working with Coyote. They have the same commitment that we do. They’ve shown that they can deliver. (…) At the end of the line our customer experience is really what we’re able to maintain by working with a partner like Coyote.”
William Alcorn, President,

Shipper testimonial - Molino Nicoli - Coyote Logistics

Molino Nicoli

“Coyote is really cost-competitive and always deliver quickly. They deliver within three days, which helps when we are low on stock in the warehouse (…). We are confident that Coyote Logistics will be able to help us meet our goals (…). Coyote always has a solution!”
Laura Cortesi, Export Officer,
Molino Nicoli

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