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How Coyote helped Nutkao sustain rapid growth

how nutkao sustained rapid growth with flexible shipping solutions from coyote logistics

We have a truly collaborative relationship with Coyote Logistics. They are a trusted partner that we really count on.”

– Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator, Nutkao

Quick shipper facts

  • International leader in the production of privately labelled spreads
  • Significant player in the Italian confectionary market
  • Shipping products to more than 85 countries

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Nutkao S.r.l. has experienced rapid growth over the past few years. To sustain that growth, they needed the ability to quickly secure transport capacity across multiple lanes for urgent shipments – all while maintaining rigorous food safety protocols.


With the help of Coyote, Nutkao was able to source capacity, expedite shipments of their products, maintain safety standards and sustain continuous growth so they could deliver on their mission to satisfy every customer.

Full Story

Nutkao produces cocoa spreads, hazelnut spreads, and other semi-finished chocolate products. Founded in 1982 by Giuseppe Braida, this Italian sweets company has been an international leader in private labelled spreads for more than 35 years.

An Expanding Network

Over the last few years, Nutkao has grown significantly and Coyote has stepped in to help equip them with the logistics solutions necessary to source capacity, expedite shipping for urgent loads, and maintain rigorous food safety protocols throughout the transportation process.

Nutkao’s main production factory is located in Canove di Govone and houses a 12,000 sq.m factory, and includes multiple computerised production lines, packing and finished product warehousing. Their hi-tech production and warehousing capabilities are necessary to support their growing footprint.

Customized Solutions to Sustain Growth

Nutkao needed a logistics provider to help them expand to better serve their widening customer base. Coyote’s quick response time on quote requests allowed Nutkao to quickly secure transportation for urgent shipments at a reasonable rate.

“Coyote has really helped us in sourcing capacity — even before the Coronavirus situation. When we ask for a quote or request a transport, they always quickly confirm. This is very crucial to us because we need a fast answer since our customers very often have an urgent request. Coyote’s pricing is very competitive and they stay flexible.” – Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator, Nutkao

To protect the integrity of their spreads, Nutkao also needs transport to be refrigerated. Coyote helps source reliable, temperature-controlled carriers that can maintain their product quality.

“It’s important to understand that, once production ends, our product needs to stay between 14 and 15 degrees. This allows the creams to crystallize. When this is done, we need to load the products and ship them to their warehouses.” – Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator, Nutkao

Because Nutkao operates a fully automatic warehouse, timing is everything. Load times must be precise, or the entire operation suffers — a delayed pick up leads to issues with pallet storage and warehouse inventory management. Nutkao trusts Coyote to coordinate timely shipments for the success of the entire operation.

“Coyote has consistently been on time for pick up and offloading. This is very important to us – delays are simply not an option,” said Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator of Nutkao.

Real-time Adjustments to COVID-19 Conditions

The coronavirus has impacted supply chains across the globe — it comes as no surprise that Nutkao’s operation was also affected. They had to shut down production to properly disinfect their facility, which led to delays and postponed pickups and deliveries.

Despite disruption in the production and a volatile pricing market, Coyote Logistics has sourced reliable, time-sensitive transport at reasonable costs, helping Nutkao deliver to their customers while protecting their budget.

“We have been incredibly impressed with Coyote’s ability to meet our short lead times. For our company this is very important. Normally, we only know a day or two in advance when our food will be ready, and Coyote always has an option for us.” – Irene Giargia, Exports Coordinator of Nutkao


Last year, Nutkao focused on building up the relationship between transport and transporters to tighten up their supply chain.

“More customers means more production, and that means more transport. If we don’t have the right partners for the transportation of our products, it won’t be possible to do a good job,” said Nutkao Exports Coordinator, Irene Giargia.

With the help of their relationship with Coyote Logistics, Nutkao was able to access flexible solutions, sustain consistent growth and continually develop innovative strategies to better meet the needs of their customers and suppliers.

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