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Molino Nicoli’s efficient supply chain thanks to Coyote Logistics

Quick Shipper Facts

  • International breakfast cereal, cereal bar and baby food producer
  • Known for gluten-free, allergen free products
  • 150-year-old family company
  • Located in Bergamo, Italy


  • Difficulty securing enough capacity to keep up with holiday season demand
  • Delays between loading and delivery, resulting in warehouse inventory shortages
  • In need of innovative supply chain solutions to account for increases in export volume


Working with Coyote Logistics has led to a dramatic decrease in delivery lead times, resulting in a more efficient supply chain for Molino Nicoli. Thanks to a roughly 65% reduction in the time between loading and delivery, Molino Nicoli has been able to keep their warehouse consistently restocked and avoid inventory shortages, which previously caused supply chain disruptions.

Full Story

Fortunato Nicoli founded Molino Nicoli, a gluten-free breakfast cereal company, in 1869. Today, Giovanni Fortunato carries on the company’s 150-year-old family legacy by operating Molino Nicoli alongside his son and daughter, Stefano and Francesca.

While the company began with only corn flour, they have evolved to include the production of polenta, breakfast cereals, cereal bars and baby food. Today, they are widely known for their gluten-free, allergen- free and organic products.

Efficient Service at a Competitive Price

As their offerings expanded, Molino Nicoli considered an additional logistics provider to assist with their exports to the UK. The company was looking for a provider that could offer efficiency, competitive pricing, and high-quality service – qualities they found in Coyote Logistics.

Coyote is really cost-competitive and always deliver quickly. They deliver within three days, which helps when we are low on stock in the warehouse and need to restock quickly.” – Laura Cortesi, Export Officer, Molino Nicoli

According to Molino Nicoli’s Export Officer, prior to working with Coyote Logistics, it took their former provider 7-10 days from the moment products were loaded to the moment they were delivered, resulting in low inventory in their warehouses.

How a Dedicated Rep Helps Drive Business Forward

Molino Nicoli has also benefited from the support of a dedicated Coyote Logistics rep who keeps up with the details of each shipment and is attentive to the needs of the company.

My dedicated rep always knows what I need, when I will need a truck and where I will need it. I wouldn’t have been able to find transportation as quickly or easily without the help of Coyote Logistics.” – Laura Cortesi, Export Officer, Molino Nicoli

Looking Ahead and Anticipating Volume Increases

As Molino Nicoli plans for further growth and expansion, they recognize they may encounter challenges. Even so, they know that with the help of a dedicated rep and efficient deliveries thanks to Coyote Logistics, they will be able to reach their goals.

We are confident that Coyote Logistics will be able to help us meet our goals and cover the additional freight we plan to move. Coyote always has a solution!” – Laura Cortesi, Export Officer, Molino Nicoli

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