Booking Loads with Coyote Logistics

Read how to book loads with Coyote Logistics

Being a carrier in the Coyote Logistics network means you have access to loads from more than 1,000 shippers. When it comes to booking loads, you’re looking for the right freight opportunities to fill gaps in your network, so you can keep your trucks moving and your drivers happy.

Coyote Equipment Types

Coyote is well-known for having tons of dry van freight opportunities, but dry van freight is just one of the many ways we can help you keep your trucks moving.

From temperature-controlled loads in reefers to shipments on flatbed trailers to power-only drop and hook freight, Coyote has freight opportunities available that match your equipment every day.

In the Coyote network, you can find opportunities for all of the following equipment types and services:

  • Dry Van
  • Temperature-Controlled (Reefer)
  • Flatbed
  • Step-Deck
  • Heavy Haul
  • High-Value Freight
  • Over-Dimensional
  • Hazmat

No matter what type of freight you typically run, our goal is to keep your trucks moving to help you grow your business.

Get On-Demand Access to Available Freight

As a carrier in the Coyote network, you have access to CoyoteGO®, our digital freight platform that give you on demand access to freight.

CoyoteGO is available for free to all carriers in our network. Use CoyoteGO to easily find, negotiate, book, track and rate for a quick, convenient path to payment.

Core CoyoteGO Features

  • See all available loads in real-time, with filters you control, to show you only the loads that are right for you and your network
  • Book instantly or negotiate by submitting bids
  • Create status updates for your loads in transit
  • Submit invoices &paperwork
  • See your full Coyote load history

CoyoteGO Features

  • Manage your contact information in our system
  • Create profiles for you and your drivers
  • Update your fleet size and capabilities

How to book loads with Coyote Logistics

Want more information about a load?

Click on the arrow at the right of a load to expand it and read all available load details.

Want a load for the listed rate?

Click on the green “Book It” button and the load is yours. Coyote will then send a rate confirmation email to the email address listed on your account.

Want a load for a different rate?

Type your offer into the box next to the white “Submit Offer”button, then click that button to submit your offer. Coyote will then accept, counter or deny your offer in the platform.

Your Single Point of Contact

Carriers in our network can take advantage of a special perk: your very own Coyote representative.

Your Coyote rep will:

  • Be your single point of contact
  • Identify freight opportunities that fit your network
  • Negotiate rates
  • Book and schedule loads for you
  • Resolve issues along the way

Carriers big and small alike love having a single point of contact because they know that someone is in their corner fighting for their needs. We know that the most important part of this business is building a great relationship.

Finding the right freight opportunities to grow your business can seem overwhelming and difficult. That’s why many carriers in our network utilize their rep’s knowledge and Coyote’s resources to do that for them.

Let’s Start Booking

No matter the type of freight you want to move or how you want to book it, Coyote gives you the tools to keep your trucks full and moving on your terms.

Have questions about available features or booking loads? Contact your Coyote rep for help.