CoyoteGO Carrier #4: Managing Your Active Loads

CoyoteGO Carrier chapter 4 managing your active loads - coyote logistics

The My Loads section of CoyoteGO® for European carriers allows you to access key information every Coyote load you have ever booked — both in progress and previously moved.

This article will show you how to quickly and easily:

  • Manage the full lifecycle of all your Coyote loads
  • View load details
  • Get paid
  • Submit an invoice
  • Look for reloads

Stay on Top of Your Freight with My Tasks

When you hover over the My Loads menu, My Tasks will be one of your options.

My Tasks provides a quick-view dashboard of all the pending tasks you need to complete on your active Coyote loads (e.g. dispatching drivers, adding arrival times, uploading documents).

It will also show you any active load tenders that we have sent you that still need your confirmation.

Manage the Full Lifecycle of Your Coyote Shipments in My Loads

My Loads has search, sort, filter and export (download) functionality, so finding the data you need is quick and easy.

CoyoteGO Carrier chapter 4 my loads - coyote logistics

Once you find the load you were looking for, you can click into the load details page and do all of the following:

  • View all load details
  • Update pick up and delivery information
  • Update driver and dispatch information
  • Add tracking notes
  • Upload documents
  • Submit invoices

Let’s highlight a few of the functions.

View Stop Details

CoyoteGO Carrier chapter 4 stop details - coyote logistics

Get notes and details about pick up and delivery locations, add and update relevant numbers (Seal, CMR, POD, etc.) and commodity information.

View Driver Tracking Details

Get a map view of driver progress, milestone status update events, tracking notes and dispatch information.

CoyoteGO Carrier chapter 4 view driver tracking details - coyote logistics

Look for Reloads

If your driver is getting empty on a Coyote load, and needs to plan their next move, the Reloads tab is a great place to start.

We present suggested available loads based on the driver’s drop off location, expected empty time and equipment type, making it easier to keep your trucks loaded and rolling.

CoyoteGO Carrier chapter 4 look for reloads - coyote logistics

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