How Botrans Expanded Their Business in Spite of COVID-19

driving forward how botrans expanded their business in spite of covid-19 volatility - coyote logistics

Quick Carrier Facts

  • Provides transport services across Poland and the rest of Europe
  • Has been in business for over 30 years
  • Made up of 27 domestic and international dispatchers and 120 trucks
  • Equips their fleet with GPS satellite navigation

Coyote Solutions

  • Full truckload
  • Dedicated logistics specialist
  • Digital freight platform
  • Empty mile reduction


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and freight volumes fell across Europe, Botrans needed a reliable transportation provider who could help them source consistent freight and provide ongoing operational support to help them navigate volatile market conditions.


Thanks to Coyote Logistics’dedicated expertise and proprietary digital freight platform, CoyoteGO®, Botrans was able to increase freight volumes, add lanes and expand into new markets across Europe.

The Botrans Story

One of the key benefits of working with Coyote Logistics is gaining access to a bigger network of customers. Since we’re not a very large company, we lean on Coyote to help us fill in network gaps, which allows us to service bigger companies and grow our business.”–Lucyna Szkobel, Freight Forwarding Director, Botrans

Since 1989, Polish carrier, Botrans, has been offering transport services across Europe and developing cooperative relationships with long-term customers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the region in early 2020, Botrans did not know what to expect. Government regulations and local safety protocols were in constant flux, customer demand wavered, and the global supply chain was disrupted by unprecedented chaos.

Consistency Amidst Uncertainty

At the time, Botrans was looking for a provider to help them secure consistent loads and reduce volatility across their supply chain, such as shipment delays due to virus-related warehouse closures.

By working with Coyote Logistics, the Polish carrier gained dependable capacity in the short-term and positioned their business for long-term growth, thanks to the stability of Coyote Logistics’ongoing operational support and efficient digital freight platform.

When the pandemic started, we had around 120 trucks, both domestic and international. That’s quite a big fleet to take care of every day in uncertain market conditions. It was great to have a logistics provider like Coyote Logistics during that time, who simplified things, so we had less to worry about.”–Lucyna Szkobel, Freight Forwarding Director, Botrans

Using Technology to Expand Their Freight Network

Roughly 80% of Botrans’business consists of contracted freight on fixed lanes, but sometimes, the carrier’s primary customers reach out for additional spot coverage. Aside from that, Botrans’freight opportunities were limited.

In such times, Botrans turned to Coyote to have a reliable, streamlined system to access the spot market and book non-contracted freight. Adopting CoyoteGO made executing daily planning and activities easier.

By using Coyote’s digital freight platform, Botrans gained access to an extensive freight network consisting of thousands of loads from more than 1,000 European shippers.

During the pandemic, this user-friendly technology helped Botrans keep their trucks moving amidst uncertain market conditions. Botrans regularly uses CoyoteGO to:

  • Browse available loads.
  • Book shipments instantly that match their needs.
  • Negotiate and submit offers.
  • Monitor loads, thanks to digital tracking.
  • Upload documents (CMR, Invoice).
  • Check the payment status of delivered loads.

CoyoteGO allows us to find new freight opportunities and operate in more locations. Having the map view with the dots on CoyoteGO is perfect! Also, the ability to track loads online simplifies things. We can find out when the truck is arriving and where it is at the moment. If we have questions, we always call our Coyote rep.”–Lucyna Szkobel, Freight Forwarding Director, Botrans

Dedicated Expertise and Ongoing Operational Support

While technology is essential, it’s not the only important Coyote Logistics asset that Botrans utilizes.

According to Freight Forwarding Director, Lucyna Szkobel, who has been with the company for 19 years, it’s Coyote’s perfect balance of user-friendly technology and human expertise that sets the provider apart.

People are a precious part of the business because the communication between people is what makes everything run correctly. When we have a good connection, all those bots and chat solutions can’t compare,”said Szkobel.

Thanks to the ongoing support of a dedicated Coyote Logistics representative, Botrans has been able to supplement efficient digital freight technology with a responsive logistics specialist’s expertise and problem-solving skills.

Over the past year alone, Botrans’dedicated specialist has helped them reduce empty miles, manage bid offers and sort out challenges as they arise.

It’s really helpful to have one person to talk to when we have issues or questions. We always find a solution together. We don’t need to chase multiple contacts — we can ask for everything in one place. It just comes down to finding the right way to communicate. Once you find that and have honest communication, it’s easy to work together.”–Lucyna Szkobel, Freight Forwarding Director, Botrans


“We like to work with people who understand the whole business. With Coyote, we’re quite happy about how we grow and develop together.”–Lucyna Szkobel, Freight Forwarding Director, Botrans

Thanks to the convenience of the CoyoteGO platform and the reliability of their dedicated representative, Botrans not only effectively managed pandemic-related supply chain volatility, they were also able to expand their business into new markets throughout Europe.

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