Why Stateside Skates Can Operate as if Brexit Never Happened

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Coyote Logistics allows businesses to basically go back to the way they were trading before Brexit – Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates

Quick Shipper Facts

  • International distributor of extreme sports products
  • Exporting 65 percent of its business to customers within the EU pre-Brexit
  • Cross-channel shipping challenges necessitated the search for a new logistics expertise

Coyote Services Used

  • Full truckload capacity/Express Van capacity
  • Dedicated support international logistics and customs expertise
  • Digital freight platform CoyoteGO®


Since United Kingdom left the European Union, the challenges of cross-channel shipping between the EU and the UK have increased. Stateside Skates was one of the many companies affected by the impact of Brexit on its business. Since the UK-based company used to export more than half of its business to customers within the EU, they needed to find a solution to continue its business as usual and to keep customers satisfied.


With Coyote Logistics’ cross-channel shipping solution including both logistics and customs services, Stateside Skates was able to go back to the way it was trading as to how it was before Brexit.

Background: post-Brexit challenges for road freight

Stateside Skates is an award-winning, worldwide distributor of extreme sports products and one of the most influential forces in the action sports industry, with over 40 years of expertise. The company imports, designs and distributes roller skates, skateboards and scooters – basically anything with wheels and anything related to it – to businesses around the world.
Before Brexit, Stateside Skates used to export 65 percent of its business to customers within the

EU. But post-Brexit, this dynamic changed due to cross-channel freight challenges. The company needed to find a solution in order to keep their customers satisfied, for since Brexit, cross-channel trade has greatly increased in complexity. Because of new regulations and customs procedures, shipping freight by road and across the English Channel requires more time and costs and forms a potential cause for delays. For shippers, this results in an increased need for logistics expertise.

How Coyote Logistics helped Stateside Skates: Simplifying road freight shipping between the UK &EU

What Coyote presented was how we always envisaged working post-Brexit. They had the solution we thought was the best one, says Alistair Crichton, CEO, Stateside Skates. From pick-up to delivery, for most of Europe, we are almost back to the way we were trading pre-Brexit.

For Coyote Logistics, it has been of great importance to make sure that the process for Stateside Skates’staff to liaise with its service team runs as easy as possible.

Our teams work very closely together, on a daily basis. All the paperwork and the forms were easy enough to follow and to create. It has allowed us to basically have the same method of shipping now as we had pre-Brexit.


With the help of Coyote Logistics, Stateside Skates was able to successfully master cross-channel freight challenges and to go back to the way they were trading before Brexit.

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