Sustainability: Moving Towards a Greener Future


Sustainability has become a key topic in all industries, due to its growing importance and demands. How can we effectively move towards a greener future and which measures are most promising in the logistics sector? Here’s an overview.

The urgency to tackle climate change is rising, and therefore sustainability is gaining importance across all industries. In the last few years, we have experienced more weather extremes, a rise in sea levels, the melting of polar caps, and negative effects on biodiversity, all of which are consequences of the planet’s drastically changing climate.

Logistics solutions to protect the climate and the environment

While many think that logistics and transport solutions mostly negatively affect climate change, the industry sector also actively focuses on providing solutions to protect the climate and the environment. Eco awareness has greatly increased in the logistics sector in recent years, while the demand for green solutions is growing rapidly.

Within many different areas In the logistics industry, there are sustainability and climate protection measures in place, such as within traffic and transport operations. Measures include the increased use of low-CO2 or lower-CO2 transport routes, the development of alternative drives (e.g., electric drive) and fuels (such as hydrogen), and the use of digital solutions. In the area of warehouse logistics and logistics centers, there is another growing trend towards implementing measures aimed at ensuring ecological sustainability. These are aimed at reducing emissions, with regards to the building, the logistics processes in the warehouse, and the materials used. The use of alternative energy systems, e.g. through the use of photovoltaic systems on the roofs, also plays a key role. The warehouse processes itself can be managed with sustainable drive solutions such as electric forklifts.

Sustainability as part of our DNA

For Coyote Logistics, sustainability is an integral part of our DNA. Our founding principle is to reduce waste in the transportation network by loading underutilized carrier capacity. We are committed to sustainability and moving towards a greener future, helping our customers to improve their sustainability performance while reducing our own environmental impact.

This commitment is based on five pillars:

  • Efficiency –with our solutions, we help to avoid empty kilometers and thus save CO2 emissions. We achieve this primarily through the strategic matching of customers and partners on our platform CoyoteGO®.
  • Flexible Solutions –whether a customer needs to ship from or to the UK, with a full truckload (FTL) or an express van solution, Coyote fulfills their needs and offers suitable, flexible solutions, while optimizing our customers’ networks for them to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Industry Insights –which inform tomorrow’s sustainable supply chain leaders, so that they can keep up with industry-related developments and topics.
  • Global Partnerships –with other international organizations like our parent company UPS. Together, we focus on sustainability to drive a more eco-friendly global industry in the years ahead.
  • Environmental Responsibility –or which we participate in responsible recycling programs, leverage technology to reduce paper waste, work with sustainability-minded global shippers and participate in local volunteer programs.