UK Customs Services from Coyote Logistics

uk customs services from coyote logistics - coyote logistics

Avoid costly customs delays with help from Coyote’s Customs team.
Today’s supply chains are facing extraordinary challenges brought on by two things: COVID-19 and Brexit. Overnight shippers have had to alter the way they ship goods internationally and deal with an increasingly complex and time-consuming customs process.

To avoid haulier load refusals, long border delays and costly paperwork rejections, you need a trusted logistics provider with the industry experience and connections to help you streamline the entire customs process.

Coyote Logistics, a UPS company with reliable and longstanding relationships with a network of customs agents, can help you with customs declarations – everything from export declarations and T1 documents to import clearance.

Even before Brexit, Coyote was helping our network facilitate their customs requirements with non-EU countries, such as Switzerland. Since stricter EU border controls took effect on the 1st of January, our dedicated Customs team has expanded our customs service – successfully coordinating more than 1,500 inbound and outbound UK shipments to date in 2021.

No matter the commodity or shipment requirement, depend on our in-house customs experts to affordably assist you with your next UK shipments.

Don’t let a confusing paperwork process cost your business valuable time and money. Coyote Logistics can coordinate every step of your freight’s movements, from quoting a full truckload or LTL carrier to simplifying the entire UK border-crossing experience.

If you are ready to let Coyote handle your inbound or outbound UK customs paperwork, please contact your rep or our Customs team directly at [email protected].