Get Priority Access to Dedicated Freight with Coyote

How to Get Priority Access to Dedicated Freight with Coyote Logistics - Benefits for Carriers - How to Qualify for Committed Freight Services

Today’s transport market is very fragmented. Over 50% of European shippers are working with over 30 carriers because of increasing consumer demands.

That means that in the face of a driver shortage, your fleet may be facing more competition on your preferred lanes. To combat the competition and lock in consistent revenue, consider joining Coyote’s Committed Freight Services program.

This program allows our network of carriers to run dedicated freight on their preferred lanes, without the hassle of finding lanes or the burden of navigating rate volatility. In addition to dedicated freight from more than 1,000 shippers across Europe, qualifying carriers will also get instant load-booking technology and priority access to freight.

Benefits for Carriers

By meeting or exceeding service standards aligned with our shippers, you will be granted priority access to freight. Here’s what that means for you:

1. Keep Your Trucks Full and Consistently Moving

One of the biggest challenges that hauliers face is consistent access to the right freight for their network. Dedicated freight opportunities remove that obstacle, providing you with consistent loads and a steady stream of income. Coyote Logistics works with over 1,000 diverse shippers from across Europe — such as CSM Bakery — providing numerous options to keep your trucks filled.

Each week, you know in advance when your trucks will be moving and how much revenue from dedicated lanes you can anticipate.

2. Improve the Quality of Life of Your Drivers

Dedicated lanes also offer your drivers a more predictable schedule. They will know, in advance, how much time to spend on the road, and more importantly, when they can return home to their families.

By moving the same lanes week after week — or in some cases every day — your drivers become familiar with their surroundings and can easily navigate new territory, reducing the risk of getting lost or delayed.

3. Position Your Business for Long-Term Success

Dedicating some of your trucks to consistent freight will free up your time so you can focus on managing your business, rather than finding loads. Committed Freight Services will help protect your business from the daily rate volatility of the spot market.

Because you’ll be running dedicated lanes, your company stands out as reliable and dependable within the Coyote Logistics network.

In addition to these benefits, as a participant in the Committed Freight Services program, you will have access to Coyote’s dedicated team of reps as well as CoyoteGO® – Coyote’s premiere suite of digital shipping solutions, which allows for better visibility to loads, on-demand load booking and faster payment.

How to Qualify for Committed Freight Services

Some of the most successful carriers in our network take advantage of dedicated opportunities to keep their trucks moving and expand their fleet. Now you can, too!

To qualify as a preferred carrier and receive priority access to the freight you want, it’s important that you already have:

  • 95% or higher on-time pickup and delivery performance on Coyote Logistics loads
  • Serviced the chosen lane consistently for at least 3 months

Do you work with us and want to benefit from dedicated freights? Talk to a specialist today.

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