Why CSM Bakery turned to Coyote for managed TMS solutions

EU Shipper case study CSM Bakery Solutions - visibility for cost savings: why CSM Bakery turned to Coyote Logistics for managed TMS solutions

Coyote has provided invaluable visibility and recommendations to create a more efficient supply chain, allowing us to reduce transport cost while maintaining levels of productivity. Thanks to our new visibility, we have implemented new ways of working through smarter, long-term optimizations.”

–Úrsula Ibars, European Logistics Project Manager, CSM Bakery

Quick Shipper Facts

  • International leader in the baking industry
  • Shipping broad range of products to more than 100 countries
  • Transitioned North American Coyote relationship to Europe

Coyote Services

  • Dedicated account team
  • Managed TMS services
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Modal conversion recommendations
  • Network optimizations


Take all the data from across their European operations and centralize them under a single tool for improved visibility and efficiency.


Through the implementation of Coyote managed supply chain solutions, CSM Bakery was able to achieve greater transparency across their inbound European transports and implement continuous supply chain improvements.

Full Story

When Úrsula Ibars was promoted from a Planning Manager for the Spanish market to a more comprehensive role as Logistics Manager across CSM Bakery’s European supply chain, she knew that visibility would be the key to their success. As an international leader in the baking industry, producing one of the industry’s broadest ranges of products for customers in more than 100 countries, tracking and communications are critically important when it comes to efficiency.

Starting with Network Visibility

Implementing an integrated tool and standardizing processes in place was just the first step. To harness the power of this tool for intercompany supply chain workflows, Úrsula’s team turned to Coyote Logistics for managed TMS (transportation management system) services on all inbound transport. This technology solution created a centralized hub for streamlining communications between multiple countries.

Through transparency across their European operations within the Coyote.com platform, and with the support of Coyote’s managed supply chain team, CSM was specifically able to create KPIs (key performance indicators), identify and scale what worked well, and highlight opportunities to further streamline processes that weren’t working as well.

With the implementation of all country entities utilizing the TMS benefits of Coyote.com, we can safely say that the current state of CSM’s supply chain is healthy and constantly improving.”

–Úrsula Ibars, European Logistics Project Manager, CSM Bakery

Coyote’s dedicated support has helped CSM identify processes that will benefit from continuous improvement. CSM’s European processes have greatly improved through recommendations such as combining orders to minimize the reliance of unnecessary LTL (less than truckload) loads, as well as introducing new solutions from our large, managed carrier network.

Optimizing for Future Cost Savings

After establishing a strong foundation in 2019, with Coyote’s help, CSM Bakery is currently focused on long-term improvements that will continue to net cost savings across their supply chain.

“Coyote provides a third-party view on the way our processes are managed;therefore with cross-collaboration between CSM and Coyote we can implement clearer, more efficient processes together.”

Through collaboration with Coyote, here are some of the tactics CSM Bakery continue to focus on for cost savings:

KPIs: We’ll continue to work together to establish the most important network metrics and use the Coyote.com platform track them.

Visibility: Coyote’s proprietary platform allows Ursuala and fellow CSM Bakery employees to quote and build shipments, track individual loads, settle payments and review accessorials.

Network Optimization: Coyote can run optimization analyses to explore the potential cost savings for alternative shipping schedules and routes.

Reporting: CSM now has access to a whole suite of customized reporting tools to view network health.

Steering Committee: We will continue to host meetings to review operational improvements and provide context &action items for network data.

In addition to proprietary technology and a dedicated team of supply chain specialists that act as an extension of the CSM team, Coyote also sources critical truckload and LTL capacity to keep their network moving.


With the help of Coyote’s managed TMS solutions, CSM Bakery was able to transform their European supply chain from a cost center to competitive advantage. The combination of Coyote technology and a dedicated team of specialists has empowered CSM to grow their business in all market conditions.