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Signing Up for the Load Board: Chapter 1 – Carrier’s Guide to CoyoteGO

Welcome to our digital freight platform, CoyoteGO®, where you can access to loads from more than 1,000 European shippers.

We’re constantly improving it to make your digital experience — including making offers and booking, to CMRs and getting paid — faster and easier.

Join thousands of daily users and start booking available freight on our load board today.

Below is everything you need to know about getting signed up on CoyoteGO. If you’re ready to start finding and booking freight now, just hit the button and submit the form!


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What CoyoteGO Can Do for Your Business

In addition to easy access to an extensive amount of daily opportunities on our load board, here are some of the digital features you will get as a CoyoteGO European user:


Are You a Coyote Network Carrier?

CoyoteGO is only available carriers in the Coyote network. If you are new to Coyote, your first step is to get signed up. You can register here.




How Coyote Network Carriers Can Get Load Board Access

If you are already signed up with Coyote, getting your CoyoteGO account is easy. You can request load board access and start booking freight digitally in no time.

There are two ways to get set up.


Option 1: Request Access Online

You can request access through our site right now. Once you submit your basic information, the Coyote team will review your request and follow up you with via email.

What you’ll need to get a CoyoteGO account:

  • Be registered as a carrier with Coyote
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company name
  • European VAT number

That’s it!


Request Access

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Option 2: Request Access through Your Coyote Rep

If for some reason you would like to work through your dedicated rep, they also have the ability to promote you (and other members of your company) as CoyoteGO users.

Reach out to your rep via phone or email and they can help you out.

That’s it! Now your set up with CoyoteGO wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using.


Depending on your company’s status you will be granted Basic Access or Full Access to our digital platform, please request more information via your Coyote rep or e-mail us at


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Chapter 1: Signing Up for the Load Board

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