Dedicated Freight for Carriers

Dedicated freight for carriers - three key benefits of moving dedicated freight - how to get Coyote Logistics dedicated freight

Carriers in the Coyote Logistics network have access to loads from more than 1,000 shippers every day. Much of that freight moves on an as-needed basis, allowing carriers to book loads that fit their network as they come up. However, many Coyote Logistics customers have more consistent freight needs that move predictably along the same lanes. This opens up opportunities for our network carriers to move loads along the same lanes on a consistent, predetermined schedule.

Three Key Benefits of Moving Dedicated Freight

1) It Keeps Your Trucks Consistently Full and Moving

One of the biggest challenges that hauliers face is consistent access to the right freight for their network. Dedicated opportunities remove that obstacle, keeping your trucks loaded and money coming in. You know when your trucks will be moving and how much revenue you will bring in week after week for dedicated lanes, which is money you can count on for your business. In fact, some of the most successful carriers in our network have used dedicated opportunities to keep their trucks moving and expand their fleet.

Coria Trucking grew from 8 to 40 trucks in 5 years moving freight for Coyote Logistics customers. Read about their rapid growth here.

2) It Improves Driver Safety and Happiness

By moving the same lanes week after week – or in some cases every day – your drivers get familiar with their surroundings and learn how to better navigate those areas. This reduces the risk of getting lost. Plus, driving on the same lanes at the same times gives your drivers a more predictable schedule. They’ll know when they need to be on the road, and more importantly, when they’ll be home spending time with their families.

Sugar Creek Transportation sees dedicated freight as a huge advantage for attracting and retaining drivers. Read about their driver-centric approach – and how they’ve grown their fleet by 13X while working with Coyote Logistics here.

3) It Positions Your Business for Long Term Success

The truckload market moves in cycles, following the simple laws of supply and demand. With dedicated lanes, you don’t have to worry about following the highs and lows of the market. The most successful carriers know that you must think past your next load to thrive. With some of your trucks dedicated to consistent freight, you can focus your valuable time on managing the rest of your business. Plus, running dedicated lanes makes you more familiar to customers and Coyote Logistics. You position your company as reliable and dependable, which good shippers will remember when the market shifts in their favor.

How to Get Coyote Logistics Dedicated Freight

You know that dedicated lanes can be a huge growth opportunity for your business, but how can you get some for yourself? As a network carrier for Coyote Logistics, we give you multiple ways to dedicate your trucks.

1) Your Coyote Logistics Rep

As your single point of contact, your Coyote Logistics rep is truly your keys to the castle. They know your business inside and out and can recommend freight opportunities that will fit your network and help keep your trucks full and moving.

2) Dedicated Freight Bids

We will periodically present opportunities for carriers in our network to bid dedicated lanes. When we do, we reach out to carriers who fit the shippers’ and lanes’criteria, which may include location, equipment type, and visibility through load tracking. We also love to reward carriers who provide consistently great service with dedicated freight opportunities.

At Coyote Logistics, we want to give network carriers the tools and resources to keep their trucks full and moving – including dedicated lane opportunities. Providing carriers with consistent volume and revenue enables them to grow, which enables us to better serve our customers. We understand and treasure this symbiotic relationship, and believe it leads to more opportunities for everyone involved. Interested in committing to dedicated freight? Contact your Coyote Logistics representative today.

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