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Booking Loads with Coyote Logistics

Being a carrier in the Coyote Logistics network means you have access to loads from more than 1,000 shippers. When it comes to scheduling loads, you’re looking for the right freight opportunities to fill gaps in your network, so you can keep your trucks moving and your drivers happy.

From curtainsiders, temperature-controlled loads in frigos, to large shipments on flatbed trailers to power-only drop trailers, you have freight opportunities that match your equipment every day.

We know that you want the flexibility and control to book loads how you want, when you want. That’s why we give you multiple options for booking loads, giving you instant access to freight opportunities. No matter how you want to work with us, our goal is to keep your trucks moving and help you grow your business.

Your Single Point of Contact
We know that the most important of this business is building strong, lasting relationships, so carriers in our network can take advantage of a very special perk: a dedicated representative.

Your carrier rep will:

  • Be your single point of contact
  • Identify more freight opportunities that fit your network
  • Negotiate rates
  • Book and schedule loads for you
  • Resolve issues along the way

Carriers big and small alike love having a dedicated representative because they know that they always have someone at Coyote advocating for them. Finding the right freight opportunities to grow your business can seem overwhelming. That’s why many carriers in our network utilize their rep’s knowledge and resources to do that for them. Your carrier rep will work with you to understand your unique business needs and develop a long-term strategy for your success.

Book Loads Independently Online
In addition to having a Coyote representative, you can also access our digital freight platform, allowing you to search and make offers on available loads online.

Features Available on the Portal:

  • Search available loads
  • Submit web offers
  • Create tracking updates for your loads in transit
  • Request accessorial fees and report lumpers
  • Invoice loads and manage accounting issues
  • See the full history of every load you’ve moved
  • Create profiles for you and your drivers
  • Manage your contact information in our system
  • Update your fleet size and capabilities

Rewarding Your Hard Work
We know how much work it takes for you to meet the demands and service expectations of your customers, and we want to reward you for it.

Carriers who meet service parameters around meeting appointment times and electronic tracking get access to special perk – the ability to book loads instantly online. In addition to submitting offers, select carriers can use the green Book It Now button to schedule loads at the listed price. No negotiation or waiting for your rep to book the load. Click the button and it’s yours.
No matter the type of freight you want to move or how you want to book it, Coyote Logistics gives you the tools to keep your trucks full and moving on your terms.

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