Four Tips on How to Master Tender Season

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When the summer is about to end and the days are getting shorter, tender season is starting –one of the most challenging times of the year. Here, shipping companies send out requests for prices to carriers in order to organize their supply chains for the next months. Due to political and economic uncertainties in recent years it has become more important to successfully master tender season. Here is how.

Whenever logistics companies and shippers think of autumn, one thing automatically comes to their minds: tender season, the period of time where many shipping companies are looking for carriers to add to their upcoming tender list, that is, the list of their shipping and freight partners. From mid August to December one of the most challenging times of the entire year begins, since finding reliable partners is an important factor for developing a supply chain during the rest of the year. But how can you master it? We have collected 4 tips here that will help you.

#1 Strong network

For shipping companies, it has become increasingly important to work with reliable partners and maintain a strong carrier network with logistics providers that you can trust. In doing so, it is helpful to work with several partners –preferably with those who have already accompanied you reliably in the past. This helps to achieve more resilience among your supply chains, since it enables companies to better deal with uncertain as well as unpredictable situations. Your customers, in turn, benefit from a secure and reliable service.

#2 Digital tools

Digital solutions have driven the logistics and transportation industry in several areas. They enable greater efficiency, transparency and save valuable resources. With track and trace technologies, for example, you can always track exactly where your freight is and thus optimize your planning and service.

In particular, freight platforms offer various benefits such as instant access to loads for carriers, digital negotiations, or status uploads. Platforms often also enable digital access to invoice documents and payments.

#3 Logistics expertise

Given the many challenges facing the logistics and transport sector and the rising instabilities in international supply chains, logistical expertise is gaining more importance. Therefore, it is key to look out for competent partners with many years of experience and know-how.

In the best case, your trusted partner offers a full-service package including accompanying services such as customs or additional insurance of their valuable goods.

#4 Holistic approach

When it comes to tender season, for shippers the first thing that comes to mind is rates. However, given the increasing uncertainties on the international logistics and transport market over the last couple of years, a holistic approach seems more beneficial to both shippers and carriers. Instead of focusing on price negotiations, other factors are important as well, such as the provided service level or the security of your freight. For instance, when your logistics provider offers you a cargo insurance service suitable for your needs, the value of your freight is safe in the case of damage or loss. This allows you to better manage and minimize risks when shipping freight.

How Coyote Logistics can help your company master tender season

With our broad partner network, Coyote Logistics is your trusted partner for helping you with your challenges around tender season. We provide access to an international network of 7,500 carriers and 1,000 shippers in most EU countries and connect them on our digital transport platform CoyoteGO®. The digital freight platform offers many features to make booking, tracking and getting paid for your Coyote Logistics freight much easier. With our multimodal transport portfolio and data intelligence services Coyote handles more than 10,000 shipments per day, providing a high level of expertise and experience. Especially for cross-channel logistics solutions between the European Union and the United Kingdom, Coyote can help both shippers and carriers mastering post-Brexit shipping hurdles.


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