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Logistics expertise: food & beverage freight


Do you operate a food and beverage supply chain? Then you may benefit from the help of a specialized logistics service provider. Here is why.

Managing a food and beverage supply chain is far from easy, and often involves many challenges along the way, such as tight delivery deadlines or an excellently functioning cold chain. Logistics services have drastically increased in complexity and therefore provide valuable support for mastering the challenges in a variety of specialized industry sectors. One of the sectors for which the logistics process is and will remain an integral part of their business, is the food and beverage industry. Specialized logistics partners provide the following advantages for reliable delivery of your valuable food and beverage freight.

Temperature-controlled transport

When it comes to food and beverage transport, freshness is key. This requires well-functioning and reliable refrigerated trucks. These are often only operated by specialized logistics partners.

On-time delivery

Fresh and perishable goods must arrive on time. Always. To ensure this, logistics partners need to know exactly the position of the shipped goods at any given time. In the best case, specialized 3PL service providers have track and trace solutions for a real-time visibility of the shipped freight.


Whether you’re shipping freshly bottled beer, frozen vegetables or fresh fruits – your logistics partner needs to be able to handle the freight. This requires some level of flexibility for offering different kinds of transport modality, from Full Truckload (FTL) to Express Van to refrigerated options. A specialized logistics service provider has the necessary equipment to serve the required freight modality.


Because of the fast-changing environment and many regulations, food and beverage shipments are becoming more complex. Customers’ expectations require a competent logistics service partner with a clear focus on their clients’ needs. This includes a dedicated and trustworthy service with experienced logistics experts.

Customer centricity

Fresh goods are sensitive goods. Many food products are for example sensitive to spoiling. Hence, it is necessary that in case of delays or disruptions, trusted service providers act quickly, inform their customers on time and find effective solutions. Ideally, your logistics partner and his team are available for you at any time.

How Coyote Logistics can help

With our strong commitment to customer support, a broad service portfolio and our trusted partner network, Coyote Logistics is your experienced partner for food and beverage logistics. Our multilanguage service team is always ready to support you – even when things get difficult. Benefit also from our digital freight platform CoyoteGO®, where you can make and process bookings online at your convenience. In Europe, Coyote Logistics works together with 7,500 freight forwarders and 1,000 shippers – so we are always ready to provide you with flexible and reliable transport and logistics solutions.

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