How Hoptrans Adapted to Pandemic Conditions with Coyote’s Support

EU Carrier case study Hoptrans -How a European Carrier Adapted to Pandemic Conditions with Dedicated Lanes from Coyote Logistics

Quick Carrier Facts

  • Logistics company specializing in road, air, rail, sea, and multimodal freight
  • Located in Lithuania
  • Operational for over 25 years

Coyote Services

  • Flexible loads
  • Strategic projects
  • Dedicated lanes
  • Digital freight platform
  • Dedicated communication liaison/specialist


  • Sourcing consistent freight
  • Adapting to pandemic conditions, such as closed borders, communication, and remote technology
  • Finding reliable digital solutions for remote work


Thanks, in part, to their strong and supportive relationship with Coyote Logistics, Hoptrans was able to quickly adapt to pandemic conditions due to the reliability of Coyote’s committed lanes and digital freight platform.

Full Story

As a European carrier with 27 years of expertise, Hoptrans takes great pride in offering quality service throughout Europe and identifies trust, professionalism, and effective communication as their keys to success. When COVID-19 spread throughout Europe — closing borders, tightening in-person restrictions, and limiting shipments — Hoptrans knew it was time to adapt in order to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Adapting to Pandemic Restrictions With Creative Solutions

Hoptrans, which has been in operation since 1993, is a logistics company which specializes in road, air, rail, sea, and multimodal freight. Out of 1,700 team members, 1,500 are drivers who operate Hoptrans’ fleet of more than 1,000 trucks.

When the pandemic hit, one of Hoptrans’ greatest concerns was how to secure freight to keep all of their trucks moving. As borders closed, shipments waned, and restrictions tightened, Hoptrans had to figure out a way to keep their trucks full so they could keep up with the costs of maintaining their fleet.

When the borders closed, Hoptrans could no longer transfer their drivers within Europe, so they decided to get creative and find a way to get their drivers home to their families and take a well-deserved rest.

The Hoptrans team did something no other carrier company in Europe had ever done before — they organized a charter a flight from Germany to Lithuania so they could bring their drivers back home, as it was difficult for them to get home otherwise. Hoptrans also chartered flights to transport essential goods internationally to meet rising demands in the wake of COVID-19.

From April through May, we ran 40 additional charter flights from China to Lithuania (as well as other Baltic countries and United Kingdom) to equip communities with medical equipment and medical tools. These were the most crucial and sensitive commodities and we were determined to help in any way possible.” –Ugne Katelyniene, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Hoptrans

Forging a Relationship

While Hoptrans started working with Coyote in 2017, they started considering Coyote as a business partner after building mutual trust and realizing the shared goals of both companies.

“Coyote is professional, reliable, transparent, and efficient — which made our decision to work together easy.” –Ugne Katelyniene, Chief Marketing and Sales Office, Hoptrans

While Hoptrans works with multiple logistics providers, their strategy is “quality over quantity.”

Hoptrans was looking to work with a logistics provider who was aligned with their business goals, had a mutual understanding of the industry, communicated effectively, and demonstrated respect and transparency.

Finding a business partner who is equal in size helps us scale in the way that we need to. It’s mutually beneficial to find someone with the capacity we have. We have a strong relationship with Coyote. Both parties are equal and we are transparent about our goals, which creates a powerful relationship.” –Ugne Katelyniene, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Hoptrans

Securing Freight With Dedicated Lanes

Throughout March and April, when the impacts of the Coronavirus were particularly strong, Hoptrans helped Coyote move ten loads per day.

They sent trucks for us, even for corridors they don’t normally go to, just to help us out. We knew we could count on Hoptrans to rise to the challenge, and they certainly did so while maintaining professionalism and flexibility.” – Cecilia Leitao, Carrier Relations &Acquisition Manager, Coyote Logistics

Hoptrans also played a strategic role in moving loads for large companies and maintaining effective communication with shippers throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Hoptrans doesn’t have the goal to be the biggest carrier in Europe. Our goal is to be the most effective carrier in Europe. There is a lot of uncertainty in the industry these days, and we pride ourselves on being very good listeners, observing what is happening around us, and effectively managing our fleet in response.” –Ugne Katelyniene, Chief Marketing and Sales Office, Hoptrans

Sustaining Operations Through Digital Solutions

When European companies began to transition to remote work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Hoptrans pivoted their operations to adjust to the new regulations.

In doing so, they were concerned about maintaining effective communication with their dispatchers and drivers and needed digital solutions that allowed them to communicate with their team and continue to move loads 24/7.

Thanks to Coyote’s CoyoteGO® platform, they were able to do just that.

This platform helps us predict and understand market trends. If I open the platform and see no loads, then it’s clear we have more trucks than loads this week. CoyoteGO helps us plan our weekly loads as well as better understand what each month will be like.” – Karolis, Transport Manager, Hoptrans

While COVID-19 presented several challenges, Hoptrans adapted incredibly well to unforeseen circumstances and continues to distinguish themselves from others in the market by adhering to their high service standards


Because of their strong relationship with Coyote, Hoptrans was able to source freight on committed lanes and manage flexible loads, even in the competitive climate exacerbated by a global pandemic. As they look ahead and plan for the rest of the year, Hoptrans hopes to remain flexible, take on shorter term projects, and facilitate open and transparent communication in order to maintain service excellence.