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Taking a “Coyote” Approach to Working with Our Shippers

We’ve all heard the old saying “two heads are better than one.” When it comes to solving a problem or looking for guidance, it’s always easier having someone there to help. In today’s rapidly changing transportation industry, shippers and carriers are looking for just that — a strategic partner to help guide them through the highs and lows of the freight market. This is why leaning on a  logistics provider, led by forward-thinking industry experts, can help shippers build a supply chain plan that can balance short-term capacity needs with long-term agility.

In his years at Coyote Logistics, Jaap Bruining, Head of Europe, has helped design a customer-centric approach to how we work with our valued shippers. Jaap sat down with us to share what he believes are the three key Coyote practices that help our customers achieve long-term business success.


Prioritizing Strong, Valuable Relationships


Relationships matter, especially when it comes to finding a logistics provider. Over a one-month period, we surveyed our shippers, and one of the things that mattered most to them was having a dedicated account representative who knows their business.

Coyote Logistics prioritizes relationships, including getting to know our customers and their unique needs. We built our company on a centralized model, which means there is one operating system connecting shippers and hauliers with a single point of contact for customers. This trusted relationship and centralized model allows our specialists to provide our customers with customized guidance, actionable insights, and innovative supply chain solutions.

“This is one of our biggest core differentiators,” said Jaap. “It was done with the intention of understanding the nuances of our customers’ businesses and helping them grow.”

Coyote Logistics’ steadfast commitment to service has also allowed us to build a dedicated team of logistics professionals that know the market, customer business, and supply chain inside and out. We always have — and will continue — to invest in our people, arming our specialists with the knowledge they need to empower customer growth. The more we can learn our shippers’ businesses and challenges, the better positioned we’ll be to work together to find the right long-term solutions for success.

Coyote Logistics has grown as an organization through strong partnerships with our customers. Because of this growth, our reps have become more educated as well, helping to guide our customers through today’s volatile and ever-changing marketplace.”

– Jaap Bruining, Coyote Logistics Head of Europe


Consolidating a Fragmented Marketplace


We know the European truckload market is vast, dynamic, and extremely fragmented, creating pricing and capacity volatility for shippers of all sizes and industries. With constant potentially disruptive changes occurring across global supply chains, shippers need to have access to different types of capacity and be able to pivot fast when the market shifts. Coyote Logistics helps consolidate this fragmented marketplace with the size, scale, and network diversity needed to help our customers navigate the ups and downs of the market.

Coyote’s centralized network of over 7,500+ carriers hauling different equipment types across every region in Europe helps shippers balance capacity, rate fluctuations, and service. With access to our diverse marketplace of owner-operators, international fleets, and everything in between, no matter what customers are shipping and when, we will find hauliers in our network to cover it.

In addition to providing the primary, backup, and spot capacity customers may need, our centralized model also provides us the ability to create customized solutions to help businesses operate smarter and plan more efficiently for the future. Each customer and their business needs are unique, so why shouldn’t their supply chain solutions be as well? Our managed transportation and custom supply chain solutions are built to help customers of any size scale faster and drive their businesses forward. By taking this customer-centric mentality, we’ve been able to grow our relationships and propel ourselves to the company we are today.

To read more about how we use our customer-centric approach to help innovate our technology, read our article, “How Your Needs Drive Innovation in Supply Chain Technology.”


Investing in Proprietary Data Intelligence


In today’s digitally-driven environment, data is king. It rules so many things around us, and more than ever, there is vast logistical data at our fingertips. Successful shippers are making it a priority to invest heavily in collecting, analyzing, and storing proprietary data — but without converting this data into actionable intelligence, there is no benefit.

What sets Coyote apart from our competitors is the vast amount of shipment transaction history — all compiled in one centralized system. By aggregating this data, we can turn it into concise insights that our shippers can use to plan for market shifts and help drive better decision-making.

“In shipping loads from over 1,000 customers per day, we’ve collected a large amount of proprietary data intelligence that has helped predict where the market may be headed,” said Gard. “By passing it along to our customers, they can plan for any market condition.”

Additionally, harvesting data to understand the complexities of supply chain operational efficiencies — and inefficiencies — is one of the best ways to optimize any supply chain for long-term success. Utilizing a transportation management system is one way shippers can centralize and streamline reporting, forecasting, and cost tracking — alongside setting best practices for carriers and tracking service KPIs. Having access to all of this proprietary data — and knowing how to use it — will not only help streamline daily operations, but it will ultimately lead to becoming a better shipper.

One of the biggest benefits a logistics provider can provide is the ability to make decisions based on data. Some of our most successful customers have improved their operational structures — big and small — by investing in data intelligence to helping them plan for the future.”

– Jaap Bruining, Coyote Logistics Head of Europe


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