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The Evolution of Technology + Humanity: Building a Supply Chain for Long-Term Success

The rise of automation is rapidly redefining the nature of work — and the transportation industry is no exception. Many technologies are already having a significant
impact on the market (artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing), while others loom on the horizon, promising even greater transformation (self-driving vehicles, blockchain).

How do supply chain professionals effectively integrate these innovations into supply chain operations? Where do we need human expertise and where is technology more efficient?
To help answer these pressing questions, Coyote Logistics teamed up with Martec and MakerStreet, third-party market research firms, to conduct independent studies involving leaders from over 300 shippers and 150 carriers.

Read and download to get insights from directors, vice presidents, and executives representing a variety of industries, modes and business sizes as they try to strike the balance between technology with human expertise in their supply chains.


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