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WEBINAR: Building a Supply Chain For Long-Term Success






Are you finding it increasingly difficult to stay competitive in today’s complex global market while also focusing on how to achieve tomorrow’s growth?

You’re not alone.


We were thinking of using more technology to be able to reduce costs, but we aren’t sure what is best. Basically, all the tasks in the company are handled by humans.”  –      Research study respondent, Dir./Mgr. of Logistics from a €200M-€799M company

That’s why Coyote Logistics has invested in new original research over the past year — including teaming up with two third-party market research firms. In total, we surveyed over 600 shippers and carriers across major markets, levels of experience, size, profession, and industry to understand the challenges facing European professionals, including where human support is irreplaceable and the optimal balance between tech innovation and human expertise for business success.


Join Joel Gard, Coyote’s Head of Europe, on 24th October – or any time after on demand – as he shares the results from our original research.


Topics will include:

  • Today’s fragmented European road freight market
  • Unique challenges facing shippers and carriers
  • What shippers and carriers say is the optimal ratio between technology and human expertise
  • How to apply that ratio in your business strategy
  • Additional tips and resources to help get you started


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