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Unlocking Opportunity: The Story of M&I Truckers

I’ve moved as many as 800 trailer loads in a month through Coyote Logistics before. You have also helped me keep my drivers closer to home and minimize risks on the road.”

– Marluh Izaguirre, Owner of M&I Truckers

Facts About M&I Truckers

  • Started with one dry van and now has a fleet of 17 trucks
  • Hauls multiple loads daily for Coyote Logistics customers
  • Proud to be a woman-owned business

M&I Truckers’ Story

Marluh Izaguirre is the quintessential entrepreneur. A first-generation American, originally from Honduras, she’s been a restaurateur, a salon owner, and a tax accountant. Since 2011 she has also been the proud owner of M&I Truckers. Starting with one truck, her fleet has grown to 17 as her business has flourished.

We sat down with Marluh to learn about her company’s success and hear about what it’s like to be a female business owner in a predominantly male-driven industry.

Q&A with Marluh Izaguirre

Coyote Logistics: How did you get involved with the trucking industry?

Marluh Izaguirre: I started out doing local construction trucking years ago. At the time, I was helping a driver with his accounting and taxes when he encouraged me to consider getting into the industry. I reinvested some of the earnings from my other businesses into a dry van, and soon saw that trucking was right for me. I wanted to grow a business that could support my kids.

C: How did you educate yourself about trucking?

MI: Being new to the industry, I knew I had much to learn. People helped me along the way, but I also did a lot of my own research and learned from experience. Brandon, my Coyote Logistics representative, has helped me a lot as well.

C: How has your company grown since?

MI: I started with one truck, moving only dry van freight at the time. Now I have 17 trucks and move temperature-controlled reefer and flatbed too. After seeing what the trucking industry could offer, I left my other businesses and focused only on moving freight. Trucking can be a stressful business, but I really enjoy it.

C: What’s it like being a woman in such a male-driven industry?

MI: It can be hard, because everyone thinks this business is just for men. They’re wrong. Any woman can succeed in the trucking business. Some drivers don’t like working with a woman, but many do. In fact, a lot of them prefer working with women.

Monica Byers of Sugar Creek Transportation had a similar experience. Read what she had to say about being a woman business owner in the trucking industry.

C: What would you tell a young woman who was considering working in logistics?

MI: Funny enough, I had this conversation recently. A young woman asked me about my experience in the industry, and I told her that I left everything for the trucking business and haven’t looked back. I told her that she should think about trucking and that I would be happy to help her.

C: How did you learn about Coyote Logistics?

MI: One of my drivers told me about Coyote Logistics. I went to the website and did some research, and then I called in and started working with Brandon. That was three years ago, and it’s been a great relationship ever since.

C: What’s it like working with Coyote Logistics?

MI: I’ve worked with a few 3PLs, but I love that you get one rep to handle everything when you work with Coyote Logistics. Brandon has taught me a lot about the industry, he keeps my trucks moving in ways that fit my network and he takes really good care of me. I’ve moved as many as 800 trailer loads in a month through Coyote Logistics before. You have also helped me keep my drivers closer to home and minimize risks on the road.

C: How has Coyote Logistics helped your business?

MI: Beyond normal freight, Brandon connected me with an opportunity to move UPS trailers, and that’s been a huge growth opportunity. Since then, I’ve really enjoyed participating in UPS Peak Season. Plus, Brandon and I have a wonderful relationship. I’ve gone out to dinner with him and his wife, and we all had a great time.

Marluh, we feel the same about working with you. We are grateful to have you in our marketplace.

Already part of the Pack? Talk to your rep about how you can grow your fleet today across any mode or equipment type. Or if you’re new to Coyote Logistics, register to get access to loads from over 1000 shippers every day.

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