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Six Tips for Moving More Freight During Peak Season

Peak Season fully kicks off in October and lasts through the holiday shopping season.  Carriers like you know that this time of year offers a heavy and steady flow of freight loads to move.  During Peak months, we see a significant surge in the loads available daily, both at Coyote and in the market.

Many of you have asked us how to get access to as many available truckloads as possible during Peak.  While we cannot guarantee load availability, we recommend following these six best practice tips to get more capacity on demand.




1. Opt-In to Electronic Tracking

We aim to make every load delivery experience you make as seamless and as easy as possible for you, while also providing complete transparency and accountability.

No one likes routing tracking calls, and with the GPS tracking option we provide for carriers, we can help you streamline driver visibility and reduce unnecessary check calls at the same time.

Setup is fast and simple, and providing automated location updates will make you more appealing to shippers who now view freight tracking as a requirement.


2. Be Flexible

With available truckloads from over 1,000 shippers who trust Coyote to move freight, finding the perfect one can feel daunting.  You can always browse all available loads on the load board at, where you can see load details up front and submit offers on them easily if they’re a good fit.

Your rep can also work with you to identify loads, negotiate rates, and develop a selection strategy to help maximize your potential revenue during Peak Season.  No matter how you go about choosing loads, it’s important to keep an open mind about what is available.


3. Provide Excellent Service

Shippers expect carriers moving their freight to provide excellent service.  At Coyote Logistics, we reward carriers who rise to the occasion with early access to more freight opportunities, faster payments, and other perks.  Focusing on providing excellent service consistently is a winning strategy during Peak Season and beyond.


4. Be on Time

Timeliness always matters, but it is especially important during Peak months when so much freight is being moved around to meet tight holiday schedules.  When you consistently meet delivery deadlines, you position yourself as a carrier that shippers can trust as a reliable and crucial link to their supply chain.

As a precaution, make sure you – or the drivers – have enough time to meet pick-up and delivery windows or appointment times.  While timetables can sometimes be tight, safety is always first.  It’s important to comply with all applicable regulations including traffic laws and hours of service.


5. Communicate

When it comes to load deliveries, no one likes surprises.  We understand that unexpected delays and bumps in the road can happen.  You are not always in control of time while you’re on the road – especially when it comes to battling holiday traffic.

Reach out to your Coyote rep as fast as possible if you run into any problems.  We will work with you to resolve them, helping avoid more surprises and better plan for everyone involved.

On the flip side of that, make sure you or other drivers are responsive to Coyote Logistics when one of our reps reaches out.


6. Plan Ahead / Brexit

Planning ahead is key to moving more freight during Peak Season.  Get organized and set yourself up for success early with the help of your Coyote rep.  One way to help you get your plans ironed out ahead of time is to leverage Coyote’s dedicated freight opportunities.  Of course, there will be quick turnarounds and the need to pivot during Peak, but working closely with your rep and taking advantage of dedicated freight will help you eliminate some unknowns and stay on schedule.

If you master these tips and other carrier best practices, you can prepare yourself for a smoother run during Peak Season and year-round.




Our shippers look for timely, responsible, and flexible carriers to be reliable links in their supply chain.  Following the steps outlined above will help shippers view you as a more reliable carrier, giving them the confidence to entrust you with time sensitive and expedited shipments during Peak Season (and beyond).


Want to move more freight?  Ask your rep about Peak Season opportunities.

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