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GPS Integration Guide

Real-time tracking has quickly become an industry standard. For shippers, having complete visibility into their freight’s location at all times is an expectation for working with carriers. Now more than ever, shippers are focused on end-to-end service from both carriers and 3PLs. In order to best service our customers and provide you with as many freight opportunities as possible, Coyote is working together with our stakeholders to deliver full visibility and transparency on all loads.

Coyote Logistics has worked hard over the past several years to develop our tracking capabilities with project44 for our network carriers.

project44 (p44) is a data-sharing service for major shippers and logistics service providers for aggregating shipment-specific data and distributing it to specified customers. p44 is a neutral and independent data service partner.



  1. Follow the link provided by your Coyote Logistics GPS representative.
  2. Fill in your company information to complete the project44 (p44) registration and create your account.
    • If you already have an account, you will find a customer invitation from Coyote Logistics in the New Customer Requests section of the dashboard.


Setting up telematics/GPS with a new account

  1. Once you’ve created your account, you will be redirected to the p44 dashboard.
  2. To set up the telematics, click “Create” on the GPS/ Telematics connection section of the dashboard.
  3. Choose your GPS provider from the drop-down menu and fill in the required information.
    • Most commonly, this includes API credentials. If you do not know your API credentials, please contact your GPS provider.
  4. Most telematics require selecting the truck plates to be shared once it is assigned to a load.
    • We strongly recommend activating all plates to avoid manual activation after every load booked.


Connecting your subcontractor’s to the project44 network

  1. Log into your p44 account
  2. From the left menu, choose “Subcontractors”
  3. Click “Add”
  4. Type in your subcontractor’s company name into the search field on the pop-up window
  5. Find your chosen subcontractor and click “Next”
    • If you cannot find your subcontractor, click on the “Click here if the company you want to invite is not on the list” button on the pop-up window and fill in the required information
  6. Choose the contact person in the selected company
  7. Choose “Let project44 send an invitation”
  8. Choose the language of the invitation
  9. Click request

Once you have requested the invitation, project44 will automatically invite your subcontractor for integration.

If you have any further questions on how to integrate, please reach out to your Coyote representative directly or contact our GPS team at

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