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Coyote Logistics Introduces New Digital Features To Connect To Its Growing, Centralized Freight Platform


New service-driven enhancements, including the ability to book loads instantly, are rolling out to the benefit of EU carriers and shippers alike    

AMSTERDAM (July 11, 2019) – The European road freight market continues to grow in size and complexity every day. In a commitment to making it easier for companies to navigate this evolving market, Coyote Logistics – a leading global logistics provider – is enhancing their digital freight platform with solutions that make accessing its large, diverse marketplace simpler.

Since entering Europe in 2017, we have committed to creating flexible, scalable solutions that address the unique challenges of our shippers and carriers across Europe,” says Jaap Bruining, Head of Coyote Europe, based in Amsterdam. “We’ve done so by taking the time to get to know our customers, while benefiting from our model that prioritizes ever-advancing technologies and customized service more so than traditional forwarders or the new digital freight providers entering the market.”

 Booking loads online

The new online load booking feature, which is already available to an increasing number of Coyote’s 7,500 European carrier – and growing – network, is a big step forward and aims to benefit the entire supply chain. Coyote enables business of all sizes to move freight seamlessly, both from a shippers’ and a carriers’ perspective. With their digital freight platform, Coyote provides shippers with a large and reliable network of carriers across all European regions, combined with data intelligence to create custom made solutions. For carriers, Coyote offers a platform where they can easily access and book loads, and get paid.

Relying on technology and a strong workforce

Coyote believes the key to unlocking technology’s full potential is through human interaction and collaboration. Coyote combines technology innovations with the human factor: a large European workforce speaking 30+ languages with local knowledge of all major markets, creating tailored solutions for every challenge. In doing so, Coyote’s solutions can continuously improve via technology, data analysis and human insights.

Real-time tracking

Coyote understands the importance of real-time shipment tracking for both shippers and carriers, so its centralized technology platform helps increase visibility of loads in its network. “We help shippers to move freight seamlessly, using API integrations for real-time spot quoting and tracking. By using a centralized platform, we are connected to carriers, helping to provide more reliable, real-time updates,” explains Gard.

Not only can Coyote benefit from the company’s time-tested, unique model, it benefits from years of experience in the global freight markets. This experience has allowed Coyote to understand complexities, along with the unique challenges and needs of customers across Europe. With its advanced technology, expertise and impressive scale, Coyote can help organizations successfully navigate the intricate global freight market and drive their businesses forward.

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ABOUT COYOTE LOGISTICS, LLC, A UPS COMPANY: Coyote Logistics is a leading global third-party logistics provider that combines a diverse, centralized transportation marketplace matching more than 10,000 shipments globally every day. Coyote offers a multi-modal solutions portfolio – including truckload and less than truckload (LTL) – with data intelligence and market insights to help empower our customers’ business growth in a rapidly changing world. Coyote became a UPS company in 2015, adding to our expanding portfolio of global services. Headquartered in Chicago, Coyote has more than 3,000 employees operating in 20 offices worldwide. The European HQ is located in Amsterdam. For more information, please visit:

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