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Coyote Teams Up with bp to Reward Carriers with Fuel & Toll Discounts

We know life on the road is tough – even more so during these trying timings – and operating costs, especially while crossing borders and channels, can add up quickly.

To help keep fleets moving more efficiently across Europe, Coyote Logistics is partnering with bp to offer our network carriers exclusive fuel cards with attractive discounts, interoperable Toll solutions and other on-the-road benefits.


The Coyote Logistics Fuel Card & Toll Program in partnership with bp

Only available to Coyote Logistics network carriers, this discount program is designed to reward the miles you haul every day.

Keep your drivers on track and your fleet under control with a pan-European network of more than 24.000 strategically located fuel sites in 32 countries.
You can start taking advantage of a wide range of perks including but not limited to:

  • No-service-fee fuel cards for discounted fuel
  • One interoperable OBU toll solution for European tolls (EETS) to reduce complexity and delays
  • GPS-based track & trace capabilities for increased visibility
  • A wide range of On Road Services including secure parking, ferry & bridge fees, 24/7 repairs, truck washes and more

Save time and money with exclusive access to bp’s web portal for these toll and On Road Services.

Because Coyote knows and wants to reward how hard you and your drivers work.


The Program Highlights

  • One of the largest networks in Europe and attractive fuel Rebates
  • One EETS-OBU for Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Poland-A4, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway. Coming soon: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Rep.
  • Access to a network of more than 24.000 fuel sites across 32 countries and On Road Services


Start Using Your Rewards

Logistics never stops, even during a global pandemic. That’s why Coyote would like to sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication. It has not gone unnoticed and it’s time to be rewarded for it.

To sign up for the Coyote Logistics Fuel Card & Toll Program and start taking advantage of a full range of features designed to help you manage your workload and reduce costs , reach out to your Coyote representative and fill out an application through bp.

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