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Global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. The dramatic rise in consumer expectations, the proliferation of new technologies and continued market volatility combine to create a wide array of challenges.

As business leaders evolve their organizations to meet these demands, they need access to diverse ideas and perspectives from experts around the world — this is where we start the conversation.

The Coyote Collective is a forum that brings supply chain specialists and organizations together, working to solve the industry’s most complex challenges. We innovate alongside each other to pilot advanced programs, task forces and create a variety of resources, including webinars, executive insights, original research studies, industry analyses and other thought leadership content.

What We Do

This collaborative forum combines insights from global shippers and carriers, pilot programs that test out supply chain innovations, and events where experts discuss industry trends. See what the Collective is working on now.

Research & Insights

Coyote Collective organizations have daily touchpoints with thousands of businesses, from global consumers to shippers and carriers. We’re constantly gathering and sharing insights through councils, advisory boards, interviews and original research.

Pilots & Solutions

To build flexible and resilient supply networks, we need to get creative. From small incremental improvements to workshopping moonshot ideas, we’re pooling expertise and resources to build, test and launch new pilot programs and industry task forces.

Discussions & Events

Setting a strategy that will drive us into a sustainable future requires collaboration across multiple business sectors. We’re working to host and share discussions aimed at answering pressing questions through webinars and events, like the Coyote Logistics Digital Summit.

This is a unique opportunity for us to bring some of the top experts in our field together to support the evolving needs of our network of shippers and carriers. It exemplifies our customer-centric approach and continued commitment to moving the industry forward.”
Jonathan Sisler
Chief Executive Officer, Coyote Logistics

Meet the Coyote Collective

The supply chain of the future won’t be built in a silo. These organizations are working together, building towards a more connected, sustainable and effective industry. Interested? Learn how your company can collaborate with the Collective.

New from the Collective

Industry Study: Technology + Humanity

Coyote teamed up with Martec and MakerStreet, market research firms, to conduct interviews with over 300 shippers and 150 carriers about the balance of technology and human expertise in supply chain.

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Industry Study: Supply Chain Sustainability

Get insights from 250 global supply chain professionals to find out how businesses of all sizes are approaching sustainable supply chain management.

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Event: 2020 Digital Summit On-Demand

Watch recorded panels and webinars featuring Coyote Collective experts including UPS, CSCMP, Armstrong & Associates, Union Pacific and more.

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Want to Collaborate?

We’re always looking for new ways to build a more connected, sustainable industry.

If you want to collaborate on a research project, webinar, pilot program or supply chain solution, reach out to start the conversation.