Green means grow your fleet with the help of dedicated reps who know your business.

Become part of our global carrier network and work with our specialists to choose from an extensive number of shipments every day. Whether you’re looking for money and kilometers on a tough backhaul, high-volume dedicated opportunities, or anything in between—we can help keep your fleet going.

More loads to choose from

Tap into our network of over 1000+ shippers spanning every geography and freight type. Quickly browse, negotiate, book and invoice on our CoyoteGO® digital freight platform.

Faster payment options

For carriers who want faster payments, Coyote Logistics is happy to offer 2-day QuickPay with a 3% fee. Standard payment options are always available too.

Trusted, dedicated support

Life on road is tough; let us make it easier. Rely on your specialist to know the loads you want, find opportunities that fit your network and stand by you when you need them.

Consistent freight opportunities

Carriers in our network have access to loads from more than 1,000 shippers – many of which move along predictable lanes. Talk to your rep about dedicated freight.

The most valuable part about working with Coyote Logistics has been the understanding of our business needs. They know where our trucks are and where they need to go – Coyote really cares about our business.
Elias Marino
CEO, Marinos Tran