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A full load is defined as 13.6 loading metres, maximum weight 24 tonnes. If you have a part load please send us an email enquiry stating how many pallets you have, size and weight: .

We work for business customers only so unfortunately we are not able to quote on house removals or personal items such as furniture.

Glossary Terms

Glossary of commonly used Freight Terms and Acronyms

  • Ambient (goods)

    Goods that need no cold storage and can be transported at room temperature

  • Back load

    Either a load transported on the return journey of a delivery vehicle (noun) or to transport a load on a return journey (verb)

  • Bifa

    (British International Freight Association) - the body representing the UK International freight services industry of which Freightex is a member

  • Bifa Terms

    The standard contractual terms and conditions Freightex uses when it conducts any work with its customers

  • Bonded Warehouse

    A warehouse authorised by Customs for storage of goods eg alcohol, tobacco, on which payment of duties is deferred until the goods are removed.

  • Box

    A trailer with rigid sides and top. Open only through back doors.

  • Bulk Cargo

    Cargo not in packages or containers and shipped loose.

  • Cabotage

    Transport between a place of loading and a place of unloading that are located in the same country performed by a vehicle that is registered in another country. Previously hauliers were prevented from doing domestic work in a country other than their own.

  • Claused CMR

    Signed CMR but with a comment noting missing goods or damage to goods in transit

  • Clean CMR

    Signed CMR confirming goods intact on delivery

  • CMR

    A standard document used when transporting goods internationally which is signed at delivery to show proof of delivery and normally includes the name and address of:

    • the carrier (the company responsible for transport)
    • the shipper (the consignor/sender, or his agent)
    • the consignee (the buyer or his agent)
    • places of departure and destination
    • description of the goods
    • any other information relevant to the shipment
  • CMR Convention

    The agreement between EU countries which sets out the rules by which transport by road is regulated in Europe

  • Consignee

    A person or company to whom goods are shipped

  • Consignment

    A shipment of goods to a consignee

  • Consignor

    A person or company shipping goods

  • Container

    A truck trailer body that can be detached from the chassis for loading into a vessel, a rail car or stacked in a container depot

  • Cross dock

    Unloading one vehicle and reloading onto another with no storage in between

  • Curtain-sider

    Trailer with ‘curtains’ which can be pulled back for loading/unloading

  • Dangerous goods

    Hazardous goods such as chemicals which hauliers need a special licence to carry

  • DC

    Distribution centre

  • Demurrage

    A penalty charge against shippers or consignees for delaying the unloading of a trailer and therefore keeping a driver waiting beyond the agreed delivery time; normally a demurrage charge is agreed in advance

  • Domestic transport

    Transporting goods within one country, at Freightex this usually refers to collecting and delivering within the UK

  • Drivers working hours

    The commonly used term for regulations that govern the activities of the drivers of goods vehicles. See our sheet on summary of rules.

  • Empty running

    A truck travelling without a load.

  • Euro Liner

    A trailer like a tilt with a sliding roof for loading if required through the roof area.


    International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations

  • Flatbed

    A type of open trailer

  • Fork Lift

    A machine used to pick up and move goods loaded on pallets

  • Fridge

    A refrigerated trailer

  • FTL

    A full truck load

  • GIT

    Goods in transit, i.e. term used for goods while loaded on a truck

  • GIT insurance

    Insurance for damage and theft while goods are being transported

  • Groupage

    When small shipments are consolidated into one load for transport; sometimes means the service to do such a consolidation

  • Heavy load

    Abnormal size load which needs special equipment to carry and may also need other services such as convoy, road closures etc

  • In Bond

    Cargo moving under Customs control where duty has not yet been paid

  • International transport

    Transporting goods between two countries

  • Line-Haul

    Regular transport from one city or distribution centre to another

  • LTL

    Term meaning Less Than Truckload, see part load

  • Multi-modal

    Movements of cargo containers interchangeably between transport modes, i.e., road, rail, sea, and air carriers, and where the equipment is compatible within the multiple systems

  • Normal trailer dimensions

    13.6 metre (L) x 2.42 metres (W) x 2.45 metres (H)

  • Out of gauge

    Normally wide load, see heavy load

  • Packing List

    Itemised list of goods which sometimes accompanies CMR

  • Pallet

    A platform with or without sides, on which a number of packages or pieces may be loaded to facilitate handling by a lift truck

  • Part load

    A load too small to fill a whole trailer, normally less than half a truck load

  • POD

    Stands for Proof of delivery, a document required from the carrier for payment, CMR is the European standard document

  • RDC

    Regional distribution centre

  • Reefer

    A refrigerated container or trailer sometimes called a fridge

  • RHA

    Road Haulage Association, the UK association for haulage companies

  • Road train

    Tractor unit with two trailers

  • Standing trailer

    A trailer which remains on site for loading without tractor unit

  • Sub-contractor/Subbie

    A haulier who agrees to take on work

  • Tachograph (tacho)

    A device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver's activity. It is activated automatically when the vehicle is in motion so can measure driver’s hours.

  • Tail Lift

    Mechanical device attached to rear of vehicle for lifting product to/from ground level. Extra charges can apply for this equipment to be provided

  • Tautliner

    Often called a taut. A trailer with canvas sides which slide open and steel roof.

  • Temperature controlled

    Goods which need to be carried at a specified temperature in a refrigerated truck.

  • Tilt trailer

    Curtain-sided trailer which open on both sides. Steel back doors.

  • Tip

    Unload a trailer

  • Tractor unit

    Detachable engine unit of a truck

  • Transship

    To transfer goods from one vehicle to another

  • Warehouse

    A place for the reception, delivery, consolidation, distribution, and storage of goods

  • Yard

    Term used to describe a haulier site

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